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SEALS OF NAMIBIA: A club to avoid

  Me, demonstrating against the clubbing of seals in NamibiaCape fur sealsNamibia, a country on the West coast of Africa and bordering on South Africa, has the most incredible natural beauty. It has vast desert expanses and a rugged coastline named the Skeleton Coast, which is known for its deep red sand dunes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         sand dune

However, there is a brutal side to Namibia, where  these sand dunes become redder from the blood of massacred seals. Around  80,000-90,000 Cape Fur seals are bludgeoned to death every year.This slaughter takes place from July to October i.e. it is taking place NOW!

According to the Namibian government, theses marine mammals are killed to protect fish stocks. It claims that these seals consume 700,000 metric tons of fish annually. Studies have shown that the seal population on that coastline has no significant economic impact on the fishery industry! 

Campaigners against this “cull” argue that the seals are killed in order to sell their fat and fur. It is the seal pups who are beaten to death with spiked clubs for their soft fur. They are only a few months old when this happens. The male seals are killed for their genitals, which are sold in Asia as an aphrodisiac.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Newborn Cape seal pup                                             seals of Namibiaclubbing sealsFootage of this “cull” has been released by conservation group Earthrace Conservation (2013).

This can be found at the following link: 


There is a South African organisation, The Seals of Nam, that actively campaigns against the seal culling. Please support this incredible organisation. All its campaigns and petitions can be found at:  https://www.facebook.com/TheSealsOfNam

another seal


Would you believe enough in a cause to dress in a giant mink suit?Big mink

Nicole van Gemert is the director of the Dutch anti-fur group Bont Voor Dieren (Fur For Animals).  Nicole was a great supporter of my campaign against Investec Ltd. Through her efforts hundreds of people from the Netherlands signed my petition.

Thank you Nicole. The fur trade is a global problem and we have to stand together to end it 🙂

The Netherlands has been the third-largest producer of mink fur after Denmark and China. Fox and chinchilla farming was banned some time ago in the Netherlands, as well as a ban on dog, cat and seal fur being in effect.

On December 18th 2012, the Dutch senate passed a historic ban on mink farming. This ban came about largely due to investigations done by Bont Voor Dieren that revealed appalling conditions on fur farms. In addition, an inquiry by the Ministry of Agriculture conducted in early 2012, showed that 93%of the Dutch were against killing animals solely for their fur.

Sadly, the ban will only go into effect on January 1st 2024, as mink fur farming is to be phased out. As the ban is for ethical reasons, farmers will be financially compensated.

Joanna Swabe, Humane Society International’s (HSI) EU director stated. “It is truly inspiring that the majority of the Dutch Senate has not allowed economics to prevail over ethics, recognising that it is unacceptable and cruel to keep animals in small, wire cages to be killed for their fur“.  

Well done Bont Voor Dieren, for your long and hard-fought campaign to eliminate fur farming in the Netherlands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            bont voor

Through this fur farm ban the Netherlands is sending a message to the industry and to the public that fur is not fashionable and the suffering caused to animals for a non-essential product is not acceptable.

The Netherlands is joining other enlightened countries that have banned fur farming on ethical grounds, including Austria, the United Kingdom, Croatia and in 2013 Slovenia.fur ishistory

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/victory-fur-farming-banned-in-the-netherlands.html#ixzz2idFgpUB2

MY FIRST ANTI-FUR PROTEST: A learning experience

gaga protest

I am not exactly sure where protests fit onto the spectrum of activism (See post: https://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/how-far-is-too-far/).

That aside, I was happy to hear about a protest, at Nelson Mandela Square – Johannesburg, against Lady Gaga’s wearing of fur. She was in South Africa then, performing  on her Born This Way world tour.  As we all know, Lady Gaga is a fur hag of note.

(See posthttps://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/celebs-and-fur-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/). 

According to Activists for Animals Africa spokesperson Miranda Jordan, Lady Gaga “is one of the most powerful role models in existence and her arrogance could be seen as fashionable by her adoring fans. What about the animals, many of which are still alive after being skinned for the fur she wears?”

Good, I thought, my chance for active animal activism had arrived. That was in November 2012 and I have come a long way since then 🙂

Protests were not new to me, as being a student in South Africa during the mid 1980s I went to many anti-apartheid demonstrations. These always became confrontational when the police arrived!

But animal rights’ protests are something different. Not realising there is an etiquette around these protests I arrived in a pink summery frock. Although nobody said anything, I felt like a fish on a bicycle, that is, worse than a fish out of water. The other protesters  were dressed in black! With some imagination, perhaps I could have symbolised blood. Feeling self-conscious I kept well hidden behind a poster. Yes, that is my arm sticking out right at the back.

Only a handful of protesters turned up and then we marched through the shopping centre holding banners (see above). A crowd of curious onlookers gathered to watch us. I could have sworn that some were even laughing. Perhaps it was at the giant effigy of Lady Gaga dressed in a tiger print outfit and fox fur or that some of the protesters were wearing “fur” coats in the sweltering African heat.  

Well, the very next day I got myself a black funereal outfit, which I now regularly wear  to protests, accompanied by my somber expression. After all we are protesting about serious animal rights issues.

Other non-spoken rules that I have learnt about AR protests are: 

  • Don’t be overly friendly with the public 
  • Don’t react to insults
  • Don’t intimidate people
  • Don’t discuss any campaign other than the one you are protesting about
  • Don’t take your own photographs
  • Never be seen laughing 

Being someone of a friendly disposition until I am insulted and then turn into an ogre, this has been an adjustment for me.

However, I do believe protests, particularly accompanied by pamphlets, help to raise awareness around issues. What do you think?gaga fur free            Read below about a recent example of how protest action can work:

A liberated mink writes a thank you letter

From the perspective of a mink who escaped death on a fur farm.

Leadfingertips's Blog

149601In the past few weeks animal lovers have been breaking into mink farms and setting hundreds of minks free. One of the cute, little animals wrote a thank you letter to his liberator.

“I am writing this letter as a free mink. It is still hard to believe I no longer live in a cage. Few days ago, on an early morning, the humans came. It was earlier than usual, and these humans were different. They were dressed in black and wearing masks. We paid them little attention. Usually they give us food and water. But not these humans. They started opening the cages and setting us free. I could not believe my eyes. There was great excitement among my brothers and sisters as well.

When one of the humans opened my cage I rushed out without hesitation. I ran as fast as I could and never looked back. I…

View original post 271 more words


.animal rights

Have a wonderful weekend everybody :)






Please spare a thought for those creatures who are confined to a life of confinement and misery.


MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Drop dead gorgeous?


Lately  I have noticed advertisements for mink eyelash extensions. The idea of super-gluing animal hair onto my eyelashes is disgusting to me.  I wouldn’t even go for synthetic eyelash extensions, but this is at least an alternative.

This is what a consumer has to say,  “I was shopping through tons of different lash options in search of real Mink Lashes. Some companies will falsely advertise as Mink Lashes so beware.  I received what I thought were real Mink lashes only to read at the top of the package, Synthetic Mink, please be careful when purchasing people. Not pleased however I finally did purchase Real Fur Mink Lashes and am thrilled to start using them. They are the most luxurious on the market. Very lightweight and sultry. Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez have used Real Mink Fur Lashes and you know they got it going ON! OOOWeeee lol!”

Many other fur hags such as Madonna also wear mink eyelash extensions (See post: https://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/celebs-and-fur-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/ )


Well anyone who has done their research knows that there is absolutely no way a wild mink is going to co-operate and let you brush his/her coat. In this situation the ‘brusher’ would be left with some nasty bites. So where do these minks come from?

From fur-farms of course, where minks are routinely confined to small, wire-mesh cages and kept in a battery style system. With several animals in a cage there is barely room to move let alone space for activity. In the wild these animals are naturally solitary.  Minks on fur farms will never swim or frolic. 

I know I said I would not post distressing photos, but I think this photo says it all.

overcrowded minks

They may be alive when brushed for eyelash extensions but these same minks will be gassed or beaten to death later and skinned for their fur. The only dead in “drop dead gorgeous” are thousands of minks, and all for mindless selfish vanity!!                                                                                                                                                   man swinging mink 

Please don’t turn a blind eye to the horrors of fur framing. Please raise awareness wherever you can.


Mink in the wild

                                Mink in the wild

Minks are semi-aquatic and to survive need water in the form of streams or lakes. A mink’s natural living environment is always near water or on wooded banks. Generally they are solitary and inquisitive animals except when they pair off during the mating season.                                                                           mink and baby Mommy and baby

Caged Minks

Due to being kept in overcrowded, unnatural conditions, animals on fur farms go insane, displaying neurotic, stereotypic behaviour. This repetitive, mindless behaviour is not observed in minks in the wild.

There has been controversy about the fate of captive animals who are freed by Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

(see post: https://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/how-far-is-too-far/ for a discussion on this).

Skeptics say that hundreds of these minks freed from fur farms will not survive.  This photo shows the gentle way these minks are handled and released onto the banks of a river, which is their natural habitat. I found this photo extremely heartwarming. Hope you do as well.                                                                                                                                             mink being freed

Read more on this topic: http://us1.campaign-archive1.com/?u=6666456c8f5e80012cfb18b6f&id=fb2ae9a34b&e=0d5d310de5



PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS (PeTA) has initiated many anti-fur campaigns. 

PeTA’s iconic “Ink Not Mink” campaign has recruited fur-free celebrities who choose ink over mink. These figures have stated “that engraving skin is always better than putting animals in graves for their skin”. The point of the campaign is to show that no amount of needle time can compare to the pain that foxes, mink, rabbits, coyotes, and even cats and dogs endure for the fur industry.

Don’t you just love these guys?    Well at least admire  their statement?

NBA's Chris Andersen Chooses Ink, Not Mink:                                                        Chris Andersen/ Birdman is a professional basket ball player for Miami Heat. He is 2.08 m tall and weighs 103 kg i.e. not someone you want to argue with.  He had two-year ban from the NBA in 2006 for violating the league’s drug policy, but was reinstated on March 4, 2008. Despite this, you will never see fur on this guy.                                                  AMI_PETAnew_UPDATED72                                                                Ami James is an Israeli born tattoo artist. His father left the family when Ami was four.  Ami relocated to the USA when he was about 12.  He moved back to Israel to complete his military service in the Israel Defense Force as a sniper. I can’t say I would cry If he “sniped” a few mink farmers.  (See post:                   https://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/how-far-is-too-far/  for a discussion on this topic).

In 2013 James participated in PeTA‘s “Ink Not Mink” campaign.  

Mario Barth, also a tattoo artist, was born in Austria at a time when tattoos were illegal! Riding motorcycles and hanging out with a rough bunch, he learned the secrets of the tattoo trade illicitly. Mario now owns the internationally renowned Starlight Tattoo studio.                                                                                                                                                            800-mariobarthPETAHear what Mario has to say about the abhorrent fur trade: http://www.peta.org/features/mario-barth-ink-not-mink.aspx   

???????????????????????????????????????                                                             Waka Flocka Flame is part of the American Rap Group 1017 Bricksquad, based in Georgia. His lyrics may be offensive to some. But his song  title,’“Fuck This Industry” (2010) sums up the fur industry

Chester Bennington, an American musician, had to overcome his drug addiction. He has taken a stand against the fur industry by posing for PeTA’s “Ink not Mink” campaign.chesterbennington-PETAink4Willis McGahee plays for the National Football League (NFL). By joining PeTA’s “Ink Not Mink” campaign, he supports the fight against animal cruelty.  Because animals, who are killed for their fur, endure tremendous pain and suffering, McGahee chooses “Ink Not Mink” and encourages his fans to do the same.

Terrell Suggs plays for the  NFL. He has a shocking history of domestic violence and a protective order was placed against Suggs, causing him to surrender an Ak-47 and 6 other guns. Yet he would never harm an animal by wearing its fur.                                                                             NFL Star Terrell Suggs Chooses Ink, Not Mink

Chad Ochocinco, a basket ball player, is another “Ink not Mink” celebrity. Unfortunately he is also charged with domestic violence:(Chad Ochocinco Chooses Ink, Not Mink

Tommy Lee was born in Greece but moved to USA with his family. He is a musician known for his decadent behaviour and drug abuse. He has been imprisoned for assault. One of his many wives was Pamela Anderson, who has campaigned strongly against the clubbing of seals. Perhaps she influenced his choice to be part of  “The Ink not Mink” campaign.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PETATommy_updated300800-DaveNavarroInk-PETA                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dave Navarro is a rock band guitarist. Some of the bands he has played with are:Jane’s AddictionRed Hot Chili Peppers, DeconstructionThe Panic ChannelCamp Freddy,Spirits in the SkyMarilyn MansonGuns N’ RosesNine Inch Nails. Although Dave was a Heroin  addict he will never wear any kind of fur.

Carey Hart  is a retired freestyle motocrossmotorcycle racer . In his attempts to perfect the back-flip he probably broke every bone in his body. At the 2003 X-Games in Los Angeles, Carey successfully completed the back-flip in the best trick competition winning the Silver medal behind Mike Metzger, who landed a no-footed back-flip.                  CareyHartPETA300                                                              Carey is married to the singer Pink, who posed in an anti-fur ad for PeTA .                                                                                                                                PINK

CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE GALLERY: http://www.peta.org/features/ink-not-mink-psas.aspx

Yes, Grandpa Rev. Harris is shuddering in his grave at the sight of these rough dudes. See post:  https://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/leaders-wearing-fur-when-is-it-ok/

Reverend Harris in his dog collar. BLOG

Don’t you think he would have looked good in this dog collar?    spiked dog collar

CELEBS AND FUR: The good the bad and the ugly

platypus_662_600x450   Did you know

Platypuses were hunted extensively for their velvety fur in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. However, once this mammal was protected by law,  people ceased to use platypus fur for coats :).

When it comes to animal rights and principles, Joaquin Phoenix is “top of the pops”. Contrary to popular belief, the scar on his lip is not the result of a repaired “hare lip” (a fissure that resembles the cleft lip of a hare). It is simply a birth mark. However, given that Joaquin puts his money where his mouth is, I personally could not care if he had a lip resembling that of a platypus (see above).

Joaquin was brought up vegan and has continued this lifestyle as an adult. He refuses to wear any costumes made out of animal skin. For the movie Gladiator (2000), Quills (2000) and Walk the Line(2005), among others, he requested that his “leather” costumes be made from synthetic materials. Of course any real fur would be banned.

Joaquin Phoenix lip  Isn’t he gorgeous?  

Then comes Charlize Theron who was born in South Africa and is now an Oscar-winning American actress.

As part of PeTA’s anti-fur campaign, Charlize posed with her dog. Charlize credits her respect for animals to her upbringing on a farm in South Africa, where her mother taught her compassion for all life. Charlize, who regularly tops Hollywood’s “Best Dressed” lists, says, “Fur isn’t necessary. It doesn’t make sense to me to let these animals suffer for fashion”.

Unlike Joaquin, Charlize does eat meat.                                                                                                                                                                              CHARLIZE Aren’t they gorgeous?

I would love to have Charlize officially state that she supports the banning of fur in South Africa. Just imagine the poster in all the south African Malls.

Does anyone know how to contact her? 

Here are some more fur free celebs:  



A FUR HAG is a narcissistic person who wears a ridiculous amount of fur and doesn’t care that it supports MURDER.                             .fur hags Sadly, there are many celebrities who thrive on wearing fur. Two who love drawing attention to themselves are: Lady Gaga and Madonna (GAG & MAD).          Lady Gaga wearing four Raccoon furs                                                            

ladyg in raoon dogs                                                                                                                                                                                      lady gagaA White Fox.                                                                                                                                                   Mad chinmadonna 

Madonna wearing Chinchilla fur

Unfortunately celebrities have so much influence over people and FUR HAGS have no shame.

There are, however, several campaigns trying to counteract the influence of fur hags. One face book page Boycott J. Lopez, Protest Her Wearing Fur, the Skin of Murdered Animals specifically aims to raise awareness around the abhorrent fur trade.

Check it out:


To date this page has 29,379 “likes” , which says a lot.

Another anti-fur face book link:  Duhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Fur-H-A-G-S-Women-who-choose-fashion-over-compassion/228936290454862


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