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ANIMAL ETHICS: An international court


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Emy Will

Emy Will

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa. Although I have a doctorate in psychotherapy, my main passion is advocating for nonhuman animal rights. I condemn all cruelty to nonhuman animals and therefore follow a vegan lifestyle. I would like to connect with other animal activists from all over the world. The fur trade is one of the most abhorrent practices on this planet. Innocent animals are subjected to prolonged suffering for a trivial fashion item. As the chairperson of Fur Free SA. we campaign towards ending the global fur industry. This might not happen in my lifetime, but even if I leave one footprint behind, that is one step closer to the goal. This blog is a forum to discuss all aspects of the fur industry. It also raises issues around animal activism in general. Johannesburg is a crazy city and I need to escape from time to time. This photo was taken next to the magnificent Zambezi river.

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                                                                           CENTRE FOR ANIMAL ETHICSclapping-happy-smiley-emoticon
About the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

~~~ The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, founded in 2006 by its director Professor Andrew Linzey, is an independent Centre with the aim of pioneering ethical perspectives on animals through academic, research, teaching and publication. The Centre has more than 70 Fellows drawn from a variety of academic disciplines from throughout the world. For more information about the Centre and its Fellows please see its website at  www.oxfordanimalethics.com. ~~~

PRESS RELEASE:                                                                            30 December 2013

There should be an international court to try cases of animal cruelty, says Oxford ethicist

Humanitarian organizations worldwide should collaborate in setting up an international court to judge cases of animal cruelty and specifically to assess the culpability of governments”, says Oxford ethicist Professor Andrew Linzey, Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

“Individuals and groups should be able to bring cases before the court where governments have failed to take reasonable steps to prevent systematic and widespread occurrence of cruelty to animals. The court would consist of eminent humanitarians drawn from the legal and veterinary professions, together with ethicists, philosophers, theologians, and those accomplished in anti-cruelty work worldwide.”

“Although animal protection is obviously a matter of global concern, animal protectionists have sometimes been slow in recognizing this fact and have contented themselves with working on an issue-by-issue, country-by-country basis. But what this approach neglects is the need for international strategies to tackle what are global problems.”

The call is made in Professor Linzey’s Introduction to The Global Guide to Animal Protection published today by the University of Illinois Press.

“Government and industries found guilty (or who fail to participate in the hearings) would be named and shamed and placed on a register. Like Amnesty International’s published list of countries that allow torture, the register would focus attention not only on the distressing fact of cruelty itself, but also on the culpability of governments and industries in justifying and supporting cruelty”.

The Global Guide to Animal Protection is the result of collaboration between the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, a world-wide association of academics from all disciplines, and the University of Illinois Press.  Raising awareness of human indifference and cruelty toward animals, The Global Guide includes more than 180 introductory articles that survey the extent of worldwide human exploitation of animals from a variety of perspectives.

The Global Guide to Animal Protection is published in both the UK and USA on 30 December and is available from http://bit.ly/1kPNYUm USD95 (cloth) and USD27 (paper).



  1. Reblogged this on Mungai and the Goa Constrictor and commented:
    “There should be an international court to try cases of animal cruelty,” says Oxford ethicist – I couldn’t agree more. The world needs this!


  2. Lee-Anne says:

    I concur – absolutely and most definitely. 🙂


    • Emy Will says:

      Anyone who cares about animals would concur. Thank you for the visit Lee-Anne ❤

      My blog is about a personal journey but also about spreading the word against the abhorrent fur industry. I have become totally hooked 😉


  3. GarryRogers says:

    This would be an excellent beginning to full recognition of nature’s importance. Pinned, Tweeted, and posted to the ecoscifi News (http://scoop.it/t/ecoscifi).


    • Emy Will says:

      Much appreciated Garry 🙂 As you say it is the beginning of recognizing that humans share and do not own this planet. Hopefully it will develop into something and not just remain as a concept.




  5. Nancy says:

    Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".


  6. sevgimdeniz says:

    Reblogged this on SevgimDeniz and commented:
    This idea of an creating an international court to judge cases of animal cruelty” is somewhat the idea I have tried to share in my recent post: “crimes against nature are crimes against humanity”


    • Emy Will says:

      Thanks for the comment, SevgimDeniz. You are so right we have to equate crimes against nature and animals with crimes against humanity. After all we all share this planet that humans are destroying 😥


  7. Sunset Daily says:

    I may agree with this concept. This is actually a great idea….I cant believe it has NOT been done…we should really coordinate this org….hmmmm…


    • Emy Will says:

      Thanks so much for your comment Don. I agree with you. Although this is a “great idea” it needs to be coordinated, which will take a lot of commitment. But at least people are thinking about animal rights and protection. All the best.


      • Sunset Daily says:

        Well emy…u know my sunset daily thing here but I also run the following (www.SustainableActionNetwork.org and http://www.S2entertainment.com) if that can help with that basis in any way. And, as you may know know about my S2e.TV, we have the wwf show about wildlife crimes (http://s2entertainment.wix.com/s2etv#!stop-wildlife-crime-the-series/crp5). I am just saying we do have some form of a basis if this can somehow help…I would NOT even know where to start but again, maybe us honing it in somehow would be key. I dunno…Thanks again though for everything…


      • Emy Will says:

        Wow Don. You are a busy and involved person 😀
        I really like your connection to WWF. Thanks so much for taking an interest in this topic/project. My feeling is that there are many steps in the process, the first being a consensus as to what constitutes animal cruelty. I hope that the “Oxford fellows” will take this beyond the realm of ideas. It is reassuring to know that there are people like you who would come on board. Thank you.


  8. Reblogged this on Wolf Is My Soul and commented:
    I’m totally on board! I hope this day will come and soon! Re-blogged on Wolf Is My Soul


  9. ravenskeeper says:

    Reblogged this on Ravens-Tree.com and commented:
    This is a must read folks. More than over due. May they be successful. Peace Ravenskeeper


  10. Reblogged this on Why So Complicated and commented:
    Animal Ethics: An International court
    Oxford Center for Animal Ethics


  11. This is great news. Animal ethics is utterly denied in the world of animal consumerism and exploitation. Creatures are stripped of all sentience and purpose. I applaud this initiative and hope to see their educational ideas along the International Court a reality, bringing protection and peace to many.

    Of course, this is an ardous way against greed, agrobusinesses, the illegal trade and international pressure –but they lead a much needed way towards a better world and deserve all our support.


  12. Monica says:

    Yes, and yes! This will happen, has to happen someday. I want to work toward that day. Thanks, Emy


    • Emy Will says:

      Thank you for the encouraging words, Monica. The important thing is that animal rights and the need for animal protection is on the agenda. What a wonderful blog you have. Wolves are so misunderstood and as you say portrayed as “bad” – like “the wolf in sheep’s clothing” and so on. We must all raise awareness. Best wishes.


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