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RACOON DOGS: Under the knife




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Emy Will

Emy Will

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa. Although I have a doctorate in psychotherapy, my main passion is advocating for nonhuman animal rights. I condemn all cruelty to nonhuman animals and therefore follow a vegan lifestyle. I would like to connect with other animal activists from all over the world. The fur trade is one of the most abhorrent practices on this planet. Innocent animals are subjected to prolonged suffering for a trivial fashion item. As the chairperson of Fur Free SA. we campaign towards ending the global fur industry. This might not happen in my lifetime, but even if I leave one footprint behind, that is one step closer to the goal. This blog is a forum to discuss all aspects of the fur industry. It also raises issues around animal activism in general. Johannesburg is a crazy city and I need to escape from time to time. This photo was taken next to the magnificent Zambezi river.

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Despite the name, raccoon dogs are a different species to raccoons found in North America.        racoon dog

Raccoon dogs are indigenous to Asia. They are related to dogs and foxes and therefore belong to the canine (wild dog) species. It is their markings, similar to raccoons, that have influenced their name.

What sort of animal is the raccoon dog?

 ~These social animals live in pairs or small groups. Up to 16 pups can be born in one litter and in nature both parents help raise their young until they become independent. 

~ In their natural environment, raccoon dogs inhabit forests and woodlands nearby water. 

~ As raccoon dogs frequent water habitats, their diet is primarily frogs, fish, rodents, small birds, eggs, insects and spiders.

~ Sadly they are under threat because of the deforestation of their native woodlands and overhunting by humans for raccoon dog meat and fur.


Certain countries protect dogs and cats but not other fur-bearing animals. Sadly, this is a speciesist approach that values the lives of certain species above others.

The trade in dog and cat fur is banned in several countries. Strictly speaking racoon dogs should be protected under these laws.

– The European Union agreed to ban all imports of cat and dog fur from China in June 2007 on the grounds that it is “not consistent with a proper value and respect for animal” (Elliot Morley- Parliamentary Secretary to the (then) Ministry  of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food).

– The Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act, 19 U.S.C. § 1308, (2000)  prohibits the import, export, and sale of dog and cat fur products in the United States.

– The United Kingdom Government announced its ban on importing cat and dog pelts from China in 2001, after discovering dog fur in a fur collar, obtained from a leading store in the West End.

– Australia has similar laws to the EU regarding the import of items made of dog and cat fur.

– China has virtually no animal protection laws and  is flooding the market with “budget” fur. This fur is frequently mislabeled as “faux fur” or as fur from a different species so as to circumvent international law. In many instances this “faux fur” has been found to be cat or dog fur.

The only way to be sure to avoid cat and dog fur, is to avoid all real fur products and to check faux fur carefully.

Raccoon dogs suffer and die for their fur in intensive battery farming conditions in China and Finland.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Racoon dog and dead

Raccoon dog on fur farm with the remains of a deceased mate, dead and rotting in the cage (Photograph: Animal Rights Alliance).


The Humane Society of the United Statestested and found that the “majority of the falsely advertised or mislabeled fur-trimmed jackets contained fur from Raccoon dogs”. 

This prompted THE PETITION BELOW, which calls for accurate labeling and thereby will prevent raccoon dogs from being used for their fur. To sign please click on this link:


Stop Selling Dog Fur

Stop Selling Dog Fur (Petition)

  • author: Nyack Clancy
  • target: Federal Trade Commission
  • signatures: 54,809
 The fur industry has a long history of misrepresentation in order to sell their product. They continue to look for loopholes, despite President Barack Obama having signed into law, H.R. 2480, the Truth in Fur Labeling Act.

Still being mislabeled, falsely advertised and mislabeled is the Asian raccoon dog, which is actually a dog not a raccoon. The fur industry is still trying to pass off this dog fur under inaccurate and misleading trade names, such as “Asiatic raccoon” and “Finn raccoon”.

Raccoon dogs, native to Asia, are part of the same family that includes domesticated dogs. Despite their raccoon-like faces, they are not related to that North American mammal. The raccoon dog has a decidedly tougher life than most American dogs, however; the animal is routinely isolated on Chinese fur operations in tiny metal cages before being clubbed, slammed to the ground, or skinned alive.

Tell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to require that raccoon dog fur be called “raccoon dog” on fur labels and not the inaccurate and misleading trade name “Asiatic raccoon.”

SOURCE: https://secure.humanesociety.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=5765&autologin=true&em_ha101112&JServSession

Activists from the Swiss animal protection East International witnessed and filmed shocking footage of raccoon dogs being skinned alive in China. This is what they say.

“Horrific footage reveals slow, sickening deaths of raccoon dogs.They are stunned with repeated blows to the head or swung against the ground. Skinning begins with a knife at the rear of the belly whilst the animal is hung up-side-down by its hind legs from a hook. A significant number of animals remain fully conscious during this process. Supremely helpless, they struggle and try to fight back to the very end. Even after their skin has been stripped off breathing, heart beat, directional body and eyelid movements were evident for 5 to 10 minutes”.

This is their very graphic video. Please take a big breath and watch this disturbing video. It is the reason we have to stop the fur industry. 


It was also found that racoon dogs were skinned alive to make fake Ugg boots!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2045016/Raccoon-dogs-skinned-alive-make-cheap-copies-Ugg-boots.html#ixzz38IGUwU00

Because fur’s country of origin can’t be traced, everyone who wears fur shares the blame for the horrific conditions on Chinese fur farms. 

Read more: http://www.peta2.com/actions/chinese-fur-farms/#ixzz38NMuvRyc

Please let’s do all we can to end the fur industry for ALL sentient beings and not just the raccoon dog.



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  3. Chris says:

    The levels of cruelty in this industry seem to have no limits! This is why people shouldn’t even buy faux fur products. it time to move away from the idea that wearing something that even resembles a dead animal is acceptable.

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    If you know how fur is ‘grown’ and harvested and still buy or use ANY fur products, then you are as responsible as those who farm it! It’s evil savagery, barbaric and subhuman.

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  5. ravenskeeper says:

    Have also tweeted a link to this post. Hope the message to end the fur trade spreads, and the misery these poor sweet innocent animals suffer can finally come to an end. Peer pressure is the only thing that will make the difference as the people who have the power to end this AKA governments don’t!

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  6. […] China has virtually no animal protection laws and is flooding the market with “budget” fur. Chinese exporters frequently label cat or dog fur as “faux fur” or as fur from a different species to circumvent international law.  […]


  7. […] China has virtually no animal protection laws and is flooding the market with “budget” fur. Chinese exporters frequently label cat or dog fur as “faux fur” or as fur from a different species to circumvent international law.  […]

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  8. […] China has virtually no animal protection laws and is flooding the market with “budget” fur. Chinese exporters frequently label cat or dog fur as “faux fur” or as fur from a different species to circumvent international law.  […]

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