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I find this photograph distressing and if you are following this blog you probably do as well.

skinned rabbits

However, for this woman it seems like “business as usual”.

I wonder, though, how killing and skinning sentient beings all day for a trivial fashion item affects a person’s psyche?




no to fur


My anti-fur campaign has been reported in the news, as seen below.

[To avoid confusion: Emy (M.E.) is my nickname and the name most people know me by 🙂 My official name is Dr Margaret Wilhelm]


Fur flies in animal rights debate

Aug 24 2014 10:00


Cape Town – There has been a heated response to Fin24’s article Fur fury over Investec tenant, with users on both sides of the fence sending in their comments thick and fast.

Animal activist Dr Margaret Wilhelm has been concerned with landlord Investec’s lack of engagement over the issue of its tenant, fur retailer Robert Fischer of Erich Fischer Furriers, in the Firs Shopping Centre in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
Fischer prides himself on being Africa’s only fur specialist that abides by the Origin Assured (OA) label, which means his fur produce is audited to the highest standards to ensure they have been sourced ethically.
Investec, with its zebra logo, claims excellent business ethics and stresses its commitment to society, the environment and preservation of animals,” said Wilhelm. “It is, therefore, an anomaly that Investec profits from the fur business through its lease.”Read: Fur fury over Investec tenant
Most of the comments have been squarely on the side of the animal rights activists.
Says Fin24 user Clairwyn: “OA label or not, there is no such thing as humane killing. That goes as much for killing a cow or pig for its meat, shooting a lion for a trophy or skinning a seal, chinchilla or cat (quite common, apparently) for its fur.”She argues that fur is a luxury item, and that people who wear it “can’t even use the excuse that they are hungry”. They are also fully aware that “an animal, or more likely many animals, died for their whims”.Addressing the owner of Erich Fischer Furriers, she said there must be a more compassionate way to make a living.
Rosana concurs: “I don’t agree with this cruel way to use an animal’s skin: fur, leather, etc – just human clothing.”
Ruth points out that Fischer “can make millions of money (sic) by making the same product from faux fur”. She said she will share the article with friends around the world so we can stop this barbaric way of killing animals as well as for the sake of protecting our environment.”
Winnie also weighs in on the part of the animal rights activists. She says: “What a revolting, barbaric industry the fur trade is. I have personally seen a video clip from China as to how they skin the animals ALIVE for their fur, as it comes off easier this way.

“Fur belongs to the rightful owner – the animal who was born with it! Who are we to steal it from them – and that just for vanity sake.  It’s a despicable trade and fashion, to say the least.”

Erwin’s opinion is short and sweet: “We live in modern times. Down with fur!” Beatriz is equally to the point: “BAN FUR INDUSTRY!!!”

Elaine is a vociferous animal rights supporter: “I am strongly opposed to the killing of animals for their fur.  I will never condone the wearing of real fur. Fake fur will be good enough for me.”

Pam raises the matter of ethics: “I do believe it is a very amoral thing to use the skin of animals for clothing of humans. Besides that, the farms where these animals live are in many times very bad places for animals.
They see the animals not as souls like ours but they just mean MONEY!”

User Anastasia was appalled to discover the location of Fischer’s shop: “I am an animal lover and would like to state that I am horrified that such a shop exists so close to where I live! I am completely against the fur trade!

“How anyone can make a living off the pain of another living being is beyond comprehension. There are not enough decent adjectives to describe how I feel about this.

“I will gladly join the activists outside this shop in protest.”

But not everyone agrees. Although in the minority, there are some who feel fur is a trivial issue compared to more pressing global issues.

Says Yvonne: “The world is burning but people are battling with ‘fur’ or ‘No fur’.  Is it not about time to try and solve more important issues, for example the Ebola epidemic?”

Tanja also makes no secret of her stance. She says: “I’m with Fischer all the way. The market for fur in SA is minute, but if customers want to buy fur, let them.” She feels it is unfair to “victimise the last remaining fur trader in Africa”, and says “Investec shouldn’t bow to the pressure”.

Lunga feels there is no such thing as bad publicity, and adds “now I know we have a fur store in SA. Thanks Doc, I think there are more pressing issues that need doctors than worrying who sells fur and who doesn’t.”

Another anonymous user writes: “It’s amazing how we go on and on about fur when the same people eat beef, mutton and chicken. Those animals get killed as well for consumption by human kind.

“If those ‘activists’ are for animals not being killed, I would expect them to be vegetarians but I doubt 10% of them are vegetarians.

If you would like to add your comment, please click on this link to access the article.




 When I read the article below it gave me hope for humanity.

 TOP NEWS – Wed, Aug 20

Hollywood mogul Sam Simon buys fur farm with animal rights activists


SAN DIEGO (Reuters) – Hollywood mogul and co-creator of The Simpsons, Sam Simon, has bought a chinchilla farm in Southern California as part of a drive by animal rights activists to close the breeding facility.

In what all parties described as a “win-win” deal, 90-year-old owner Lurlie Adams was able to offload the farm she did not want any more to Simon for $50,000. And the 425 chinchillas were moved to much larger cages while awaiting adoption.

The San Diego Humane Society also received a $100,000 donation from Simon to care for the furry animals, which will be offered to new homes at a cost of $25 each.

Activist group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which helped broker Tuesday’s sale behind the scenes, hailed the closure of one of California’s largest breeders of chinchillas.

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said Adams, who had been trying to sell the farm for three years, signed a contract saying the land will never again be used to rear the animals.

“This is your last day of abuse,” Simon, 59, told the animals as he walked somewhat unsteadily through the facility’s cramped rows of mesh-wire cages on Tuesday, accompanied by a nurse. “This is your first day of freedom.”

Adams and her husband opened the Valley View Ranch in Vista, about 25 miles (40 km) north of San Diego, in 1966 after answering an ad that said they could be millionaires if they raised chinchillas.

She said she was unaware PETA were involved until the sale went through. “I didn’t find out until today … that they’re shutting it down and adopting the animals out,” she said on Tuesday.

Simon, whose portfolio also includes Emmy awards for his work on Taxi, Cheers, The Garry Shandling Show and a half dozen other projects, was diagnosed with metastasized colorectal cancer in 2012. He has long been active in philanthropy and is particularly keen on causes that involve children and animals.

In June he rescued Sunder, an Indian elephant that had been shackled in a temple in India, beaten and starved. Before that, he paid for the rescue and relocation of bears in the U.S. state of Georgia.

“I have a desire to help animals,” Simon told Reuters at the farm. “The question of whether it makes financial sense, it’s my money and I get to do what I want with it. It’s an expensive hobby I picked up at the end of my life.”

The chinchillas were taken to the Oceanside and San Diego humane society branches to be readied for adoption.

(Reporting by Marty Graham; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Mohammad Zargham)



Dog fighting is a blood sport‘ where dogs are set against one another in a ring or a pit to entertain sadistic spectators.

Money is made by those who organise this brutal activity. Dogs are often stolen from good homes and then used as bait ~ their fear spurring on the other dog made aggressive by human abuse.

Although dog fighting is illegal in South Africa it is widespread in certain areas. A dog fighting ring was uncovered by the NSPCA (SA) and 18 of the suspected perpetrators are now standing trial.

On Monday morning,17th August, I joined protesters at the court with posters of the actual dogs used in the dog fighting. Sadly these dogs had to be euthanized by the NSPCA.

Please let there be justice with due punishment for these perpetrators.

dog fighting protest

Some of the accused outside the court.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              accused1

dog fighting



why I don't wear fur



WHAT’S UP AT THE FIRS, Johannesburg

Erich fischer Tshirts

how many


~ A bumper sticker is an adhesive label or sticker with a message, intended to be attached to the bumper of an automobile and to be read by the occupants of other vehicles (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

~ STICK UP means to stand up for somebody or something.

This was not my experience in my recent bumper sticker campaign.                                                                                                                                                        sticker

A fellow anti-fur activist has set a web page:

http://www.furkills.co.za – Get the facts about the fur industry before spending your money.  

As part of our anti-fur campaign I thought it a good idea to give BUMPER STICKERS, as above, to people sympathetic to our cause. I was so enthusiastic that I paid for 1 500 stickers and was ready to print more! 

Clearly I have been living in a fur-free cave for the past few decades, as bumper stickers are no longer popular. Some responses were, ‘I don’t do bumper stickers’, ‘No, not on my car’ and ‘I don’t have a bumper’.

I was surprised Surprised expression

Many years ago when I used to drive to university, bumper stickers were spotted on just about every car, similar to this arbitrary car below.                                          

For some reason only known to the universe I would regularly find myself behind  a student car with the following bumper sticker slogan.

Save the Whales. Harpoon a fat chick.

To this day I am not sure what this slogan means. I have a strong feeling, though, that it has nothing to do with whales but is sexist and offensive to women.

Of course what would really save the whales is if people stopped killing them!

However, the good news is that I persuaded some people to  stick the bumper stickers anywhere, including on the back of public toilet doors where there is briefly a captive audience.


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