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HYPOCRISY, OPPORTUNISM? Or should I just let it be?


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Emy Will

Emy Will

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa. Although I have a doctorate in psychotherapy, my main passion is advocating for nonhuman animal rights. I condemn all cruelty to nonhuman animals and therefore follow a vegan lifestyle. I would like to connect with other animal activists from all over the world. The fur trade is one of the most abhorrent practices on this planet. Innocent animals are subjected to prolonged suffering for a trivial fashion item. As the chairperson of Fur Free SA. we campaign towards ending the global fur industry. This might not happen in my lifetime, but even if I leave one footprint behind, that is one step closer to the goal. This blog is a forum to discuss all aspects of the fur industry. It also raises issues around animal activism in general. Johannesburg is a crazy city and I need to escape from time to time. This photo was taken next to the magnificent Zambezi river.

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So what does 73-year-old English ex-Beatle Paul McCartney have in common with 37-year-old American rapper Kanye West?

As far as I can see NOTHING other than they have recently produced a single, Only One, together.

Kayne,MacCarthy kanye-mccarthy.w529.h529

So why should this bother me? Well …

Not only has Sir Paul McCartney written incredible songs such as Yesterday, Hey Jude and Let it Be, but for many years he has been an animal activist.

His saying, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian”, is often quoted.

McCartney teamed up with PeTA to produce a shocking video titled Glass Walls. This video exposes the horror in slaughterhouses, factory farms, live-animal transport and the fishing industry.

McCartney also explains the massive cost to the environment for which the meat industry is directly responsible.

McCartney has supported many animal rights causes.

Paul McCarthy  Paul

Paul’s daughter, Stella McCartney does not use leather, skins (i.e. python, crocodile and other exotics), or furs in any of her fashion items.

On the other hand , Kanye West ~ rapper, songwriter and fashion designer ~ is rarely seen without wearing animal fur of some kind, be it a huge fur coat or fur trim.

Kayne West

Kanye West


West has a fondness for women who also wear fur, as seen below.  

Kanye West And Amber Rose Rock thier Fur Coats In Paris!

He is currently married to Kim Kardashian a “fur hag” of note.


Kim Kardashian covered in animal fur

Help, I need some help!

Am I the only one who feels that McCartney’s recent collaboration with West is hypocritical?

It has also perplexed several hip hop fans, as evident from their comments below:

‘Who is Paul McCartney?, one fan wrote on Twitter while another posted: ‘This Paul McCartney guy gonna be huge.’ Thanks to Kanye West.

Another said, ‘who tf is paul mccartney???!??! this is why i love kanye for shining light on unknown artists’.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2896408/This-Paul-McCartney-guy-gonna-huge-Kanye-West-fans-funny-joke-One-collaboration.html#ixzz3Rue9iy00



  1. Peter Schreiner says:

    When it comes to money, all bets are off. Well, at least regarding those of superficial character.

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  2. Aquileana says:

    Great post …Thanks for raising awareness!. Best wishes to you, always. Aquileana ⭐

    Liked by 2 people

  3. There is definitely some hypocrisy going on here. I can’t believe Paul didn’t know about Kanye’s addiction to animal furs. Thanks for raising awareness, Emy. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Emy Will says:

      Thanks for the comment, Carol 🙂 I’m absolutely sure Paul knows about Kanye and his rapper lifestyle. Maybe when it comes to artistic expression Paul puts his principles aside. Very dissapointing 😦

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  4. Nancy says:

    Maybe Paul McCartney thinks he can enlight Kanye West
    Khloe Kardashian was asked by Peta to do ~I rather go naked than wear fur~ campaign a few years back for their big billboard display that hangs above Times Square…Khloe watch the film of the animals being skinned alive she was really upset and swore she would never wear fur again… Kim could not watch the film she ran out of the room apparently Kim cannot deal with reality, when the sisters went to New York to open up their new store Khloe wore a long white faux fur and on the back she spray painted in red ~ fuck real fur ~ Kim was very upset with her and wanted her to remove the coat Khloe would give her the finger she would intentionally walk behind Kim and every time they would try to take Kim’s picture all everyone saw was the back of Khloe’s coat!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Emy Will says:

      Hi Nancy 🙂
      Enlighten Kanye ~ now that would be fantastic. I think Paul is just struggling with not being in the limelight any more. I couldn’t believe that Kanya’s fans hadn’t even heard opf Paul McCartney. They are another generation totally!

      Kim and Khloe ~ so different. Kudos to Khloe!

      All the best,

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  5. Spokie sny spoor says:

    Interesting article. Thanks.

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  6. It is never a bad thing to call out something wrong when we see it. I doubt McCartney was thinking about fur or animal rights, he was thinking as a musician wanting to collaborate with another musician. We all have blind spots and we are all compromised. Am I going to refuse to work with anyone who eats dairy? Or meat? Or wears leather?

    We are all more than just one thing. The same disconnection that enables people to eat meat is the same one that enables them to wear animal skins. Fur is a status symbol and for some people they need to display their status. My guess is that the Wests see fur in the same category as fancy jewellery, designer labels, mansions and flash cars. They have not yet made the connection. Perhaps McCartney can be another friend or business partner with a counter narrative. It sounds like one sister is already working on the other sister. That was a very powerful statement, given how high profile they are. And especially good because it creates a direct counter message to the one her sister puts out there by wearing fur. It is awesome when high profile people use that profile to say something more important than just – look at me! look at me!!!

    So, no I don’t think you have to let it go. Sometimes you do have to pick one example of the wider story to try and get people thinking more about that wider story. It is important to keep bringing these hidden connections to light and to force it into the public conversation. If we don’t talk about or draw attention to it – who else will? Go Khloe – never thought I would want to applaud a Kardishan!

    I consumed animal products and wore animal skins for over four decades, so I am in no position to judge anyone, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t speak up. I can’t call what McCartney does hypocrisy without facing up to the same hypocrisy in my own personal and professional life. I still work with people who wear leather. But no reason why we can’t use a high profile story or the fame of people who love the limelight to amplify something far more important – the horrors of the fur industry and how the decisions we make as consumers impacts directly on that horror.

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    • Emy Will says:

      Thank you very much Debbie, for that thoughtful and most insightful comment! You are so right. We all compromise our values everyday and often inadvertantly. I have friends who are not vegan and they they are wonderful people with a developed sense of social responsibility. If we become “purists” we would live in isolation and then never engage in these important debates. There are inded many points of connection with others.

      Best wishes,
      Emy xxxx

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  7. Also, laughing so hard at the Kanye fan comments. Nothing lasts forever, not even the Beatles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Emy Will says:

      Yes. I also found that funny. Initially I was gobsmacked that anyone hadn’t heard of McCartney. It was an eyeopener that we can’t just make assumptions that people see the world in the way we do. Also that I am getting old 😀

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  8. He is such an activist, this is truly surprising. I have his first wife’s vegetarian cookbooks. He is a great animal lover and spokesperson. I can’t imagine what he was thinking.

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  9. Perhaps, goes to show the hypocrisy of PETA…..


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  10. carmen says:

    I heard about that and I was saddened. Why would someone who cares about animals collaborate with a person who blatantly supports cruelty? I can only shake my head and wonder.

    With love and compassion,

    ❤ carmen

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  11. It’s not you, this shocks me and makes me sick!! That man is vile and I am disgusted PM would have anything to do with him, I cannot get my head round it!! What is going on??

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  12. henrywest says:

    Reminds me that Sir Paul once told Michael Jackson about copyright law and how to purchase music catalogs of other artists. Yeah Michael then bought the Beetles catalog. This caused quite a big fall out after Say,Say,Say https://youtu.be/eyotStPsqLg. Kanye represents the new life of hypocrisy, nothing against Kanye, we are all living it since our computers and cell phones need rare earth metals and we are willing to destroy the environment to get those metals. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rare_earth_element

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  13. I thought the same thing. Hypocritical UNLESS he’s attempting to change them, but I was actually disgusted.

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  14. kartikeyt says:

    This is appalling. And I think all the activists should come together to take legal action against people like Kim Kardashian. Firstly, her fashion is followed by many. And the extra bits of plastic that she has used to make herself more callipygian cost extra lives of exotic animals. I once heard that she wore a Lynx scarf at an event.

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  15. I’ve nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award

    Give it a go, would be good to get to know you a little better 🙂

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  16. Secular Vegan says:

    You are not the only one who feels that McCartney is hypocritical. Whilst one can argue that there is no point in preaching to the converted, fans of West (and his fur hag spouse) will just see this as tacit approval of his (their) ‘lifestyles’ and dress codes; if indeed those fans have ever heard of McCartney. Even if West announced that McCartney had made him realise the errors of his ways, it would only be so that he, West, could try and cash in on it in some way.

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  17. Although it is sad [for musical reasons also], his contribution to humanity [and the animals!] is so great it’s hard to criticize. Having said that however, I sincerely hope we don’t see him next doing a duet with Ted Nugent! 😉

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  18. Amber Danette says:

    Reblogged this on Taoist Yogi – Adam and commented:
    Fur should remain on the animals. End of!!

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  19. moonmaenad says:

    Paul is a legend, a musical God..wrote eternally, timeless music, has been a protector and active spokesperson for animal rights as was his lovely wife, the late Linda..Kanye West is WHO??? Nobody, dats who..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Emy Will says:

      I absolutely agree with you moonmaenad. That is why I and others are perplexed that Paul has anything to do with Kanye West. They are worlds apart!

      Liked by 2 people

      • moonmaenad says:

        I don’t know..maybe it’s a symbiotic thing…Kanye appeals to a different demographic and Paul’s using him to bring animal rights to the forefront with younger people…I’m sure Paul knows he’s a hypocrite but maybe his desire to propagate the msg is stronger than the quality of da crap ass messenger (Kanye I mean, o course) the fact that younger bubble heads don’t know who Paul is I find nearly as troubling…its mind boggling really…perhaps a hypocritical, lying messenger might be as educational as an authentically sincere one in this “good is bad” “bad is good” topsy turvy world that’s getting more and more Orwellian every fkn day..

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