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Tweet storm 1

If you are on twitter, PLEASE JOIN FFSA’S ANTI-FUR TWEET STORM ~ September Wednesday 2nd at 5:00 pm to September 4th 5:00pm (South Africa).

Our tweet sheet will be posted an hour before the event.

See the event on Facebook @



Investec Ltd.  is the landlord of the fur shop ERICH FISCHER FURRIERS, which is based in Johannesburg.

Erich Fischer Furriers is trying to intimidate anti-fur activists but we will not be silenced!

Given its various animal conservation projects one would think that Investec cares about the well–being and preservation of animals.

Despite on-going public protest and direct communication with Investec, this corporate refuses to take a moral stand against the fur industry and ban the sale of fur on its properties.

Investec was given a dossier with the facts about the fur industry but dismissed this document, arguing that as long as an activity is legal, Investec does NOT judge the ethics of its tenants.

Investec does NOT see a contradiction in its ethics by profiting from the horrific fur industry! JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS LEGAL, DOES NOT MAKE IT MORAL!

It is time Investec put its money where its mouth is and do the moral thing by banning fur sales on its properties.
No compassionate person would promote the fur market knowing the true facts behind fur production.

We must be the voice for the voiceless!

Thank you for your support.



A random act of kindness goes a long way ❤

A few days ago in Dover, England, a couple was spotted giving shelter to a shivering dog tied to a lamppost in the pouring rain.

In an act of kindness these people  took off their rain coats to cover this dog to keep him dry.

Jon Sparkes from Gala Bingo Dover, saw the couple and kindly gave them two umbrellas.


Photo credit: cbsnews.com

The bingo club then shared the story of these “two kind-hearted individuals” on its Facebook page.

More than 1,000 people liked the post and so this single act of compassion touched thousands of people, as the story spread over social media.

As one person commented, “It warms the cockles of your heart to see such wonderful unselfish people in this very often cruel world.” 

Now I am sharing the story with you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Read more @ http://www.cbsnews.com/news/caring-couple-shields-strangers-dog-from-pouring-rain/

Dedicated to all the nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity!

WHO IS GUILTY? You decide

As some of you know, in August 2104 a furrier laid a charge of ‘malicious damage to property’ against me for allegedly placing an educational sticker on his Johannesburg shop window.

A year later, on August 18th 2015, I was found guilty of ‘malicious damage to property’. This is mysterious, as no actual damage was seen on Erich Fischer Furrier’s shop.

Even more ridiculous is that Fischer seems to hold me responsible for every action taken against his shop. 

What he doesn’t seem to understand is that the global anti-fur movement is huge and people will never give up until every battery-farm cage is empty.

Why? Because the fur industry is one of the cruellest and most senseless industries on our planet.

All this court case has done is to attract huge attention, local and global, to his fur business and I thank Mr Fischer for this!Erich fischer Tshirts




This week started off with a scare for anti-fur activists when it looked like West Hollywood City was going to overturn its ban on the sale of genuine fur items.

Fortunately compassion prevailed and the ban stays!

Thank you to everyone who took action to keep this ban in place ❤

West Holly wood1Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity.


DISTASTEFUL: advert promotes animal fur

Please sign this petition to express outrage at this advert promoting cruelty to animals.



Woman in animal fur ~ distasteful





I’m sure most of you know the story behind Cecil the lion.

While this was indeed a tragic incident, we must not forget about all the other victims of the blood-lust and desire for domination that drives some humans to kill.

Although most of the world’s fur is supplied from fur farms, trapping of animals for their fur still occurs. Animals die an agonising death and often will chew off their own limbs to escape.

Other creatures also get caught in traps and are then just discarded.

You just need to look at these people’s faces to see their sadistic pleasure in killing other species. 

Trapped animals are skinned and their fur sold at auctions.                                 psychopath2
Psychopaths bears
Bears are trapped and used for hats by the Queen’s royal guard in the UK.

leg hold trap
Canada Goose uses the fur of trapped coyotes ~ just for trim!


We have to fight this cruelty in every possible way!


Erich Fischer Furriers has referred to me and my associates as ‘urban terrorists’. Any one who knows me finds this ludicrous. Although I am a scary sight in the morning, I have neither the demeanour nor the inclination to terrorise any being.

In the morning
‘Just got out of bed’ selfie with dream catcher in background ~ scary

This excellent article in the Intercept explains why there is a trend to label animal activists as terrorists.

Dylann Roof Is Not a “Terrorist” — But Animal Rights Activists Who Free Minks From Slaughter Are @   http://bit.ly/1IqUcqx

Reasons given,… because few things are more menacing to status quo interests than truth revealed in its most visceral form … 

As is true for so many types of violence, the savagery, torture and sadism that makes these industries so profitable will be collectively tolerated only if we are not forced to confront their reality … 

This movement is driven by hard-core believers impressively willing to sacrifice their own liberty in defense of their political values — namely, trying to stop the mass torture and gratuitous slaughter of animals — and that frightens both industry and its government servants; that animal rights as a cause is gaining traction worldwide makes the threat even more alarming …

So much industrial profit depends upon extreme, constant torture and slaughter of animals is something regarded as, in essence, a sacred right … there’s a strong human incentive to avoid thinking about what is done to animals”.

In order to undermine animal rights activists they are labeled and sometimes imprisoned for acts of “terrorism”. Ben Rosenfeld, a lawyer who has extensively represented animal and environmental activists, believes that “calling this terrorism is utterly irresponsible and offensive to victims of real terror.

This terminology is clearly a strategy of intimidation to criminalise and subdue dedicated animal activists and prevent exposure of the truth.

For example: In the United States,factory farms that produce furs are among the cruelest and most sadistic anywhere, imposing extreme amounts of suffering and torture on the animals they slaughter — both in terms of how they confine them and then kill them“.

Those complicit in the fur trade do not want consumers to see graphic photos such as this one of mink carcasses after they have been skinned. This could just stop people from buying fur items.

Photo taken by PeTA in an undercover investigation of fur farms in USA

Lauren Gazolla, who was imprisoned for 40 months in 2004 for her nonviolent animal rights activism explains that the animal rights movement “strikes at something fundamental. It challenges a way of life: So much of how much we live our lives is based on massive violence against animals, and the more brutal these industries are, the more profit they make.

Makes sense to me!

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