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WOODY HARRELSON: Behind the tough man act

I recently watched  a series True Detective, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson (released in 2014).

This series shows the darker side of life with Woody playing the part of quite a nasty human being. This is to Woody’s credit, as in real life he lives a vegan lifestyle.

No vegan condones the cruel fur trade in any way.

Accolades to Woody!
woody HarrlsonI dedicate this post to my blogging buddy –


– who is always the voice for nonhuman animals and does great film reviews 🙂



#FurFreeSA: Fashion over Compassion

There are days when I feel like the human race is going backwards with regard to compassion towards other species!

I am referring to the recent 2015 Winter fur fashion shows in London and Milan.

Fashion designers and furriers are trying to lure young people into buying real fur produce. This is done by moving away from the ‘luxurious, heavy’ look of fur and creating  a ‘lighter, colourful and fun’ product.  

In other words, not only are creatures being needlessly skinned for their fur but their fur is now being disguised through dye and shearing.

Fashion designers such as Serbian Roksanda have modernised animal fur to appeal to the youth. roksanda1                                                                    Roksanda 2015 winter fashion

           Roksanda 2015 winter fashion
rocsanda 2

This Silver Fox fur has been dyed beyond recognition (Roksanda 2015)

rocksanda                  Roksanda 2015

Thousands of dyed furs waiting to be bought and turned into frivolous fur fashion items!

To me this is going backwards in time and morality.

No one needs to wear fur for fashion in the 21st century. Fur production is barbaric and senseless.

See more @ http://bit.ly/1KTpv0i

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 46

Some people might say that animal activists go out of their way to attract attention.

Well actually we do!

The more attention the better.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Fur Free South Africa, the organisation that I now run, held a demonstration where two of our supporters boldly carried the message on them.

FOF1Fur Free SA‬ is part of a global anti-fur movement and supports all anti-fur actions in any way possible.  

Thank you to Lisa Funnell, who heads Last Chance Guardian Angels (UK) for protesting  against fur in this wonderful and creative fashion.

While we hate the idea of any creature being skinned for fur, don’t you just love this four-legged protester ~ his name is Rocky 🙂body suit for dogs

Here is another great idea where Lisa is being kept warm by Bono. The message – fur belongs on the creature who was born with it!




Seeing someone wearing authentic fur can evoke extreme anger in those who care deeply about nonhuman animals.

I know my family get that “oh no” look on their faces when they are with me and we see someone in animal fur. 

They worry that I might just create a scene!

However, I have learnt that causes are won by sound argument and not vulgar actions.

It is so important to approach people in a polite way to avoid a confrontation.

If possible, always carry anti-fur leaflets with you, especially in winter.

This is an excellent way to raise awareness. 



#FurFreeSA :FUR OUT THE FIRS, Johannesburg

It is remarkable that a small group of anti-fur protesters attracted so much attention, as was the case with our ‘Fur out the Firs’ protest on Saturday September 12, 2015.FOF


Investec ltd. is the landlord of Erich Fischer Furriers a fur shop in The Firs, an upmarket shopping centre in Johannesburg, SA.

This furrier obtains animal skins from overseas fur auctions supplied by fur farms. As with all battery farming, in order to reap maximum profit, everything is aimed at being cost-effective. There is no regard for the animals’ well-being, as they are merely seen as raw material waiting to be harvested (killed).

Wild animals are routinely confined to small, wire-mesh cages and kept in a battery style system. With several animals in a cage there is barely room to move let alone space for activity. They lie depressed and anguished waiting for an agonising death.

Investec knows the facts behind fur produce and for years now there has been public pressure for this corporate to take a fur-free stand.

Investec’s response is that if something is legal it does not care about the ethics of its tenants.

However, just because something is legal does not make it moral!

Anti-fur activists will not stop protesting until the demand for fur items stops.

At our anti-fur protest on Saturday 12th, Jono and Genevieve boldly carried the anti-fur message on them. 



However, what eventually drew SIX security guards to the entrance of The Firs was our cameraman Dani and myself.


The guards were clearly not happy with us filming the protest. Why Not?

Surely if business was doing so well, Mr Fischer the fur man would not care?


Perhaps FFSA should use these photos to recruit new anti-fur supporters. We could say something like, ‘Our country needs YOU to SAY NO TO ALL FUR!’






Just this phrase is heartwarming, although this is one type of blanket I would not snuggle into.

A while back I wrote a post: OUT OF GRANNY’S CUPBOARD – when you inherit a fur item, which raised the dilemma some people face when inheriting a fur coat.

Read @ https://wordpress.com/post/55596681/86

Now Aussie-based Snuggle Coats has found a helpful  solution. They are collecting unwanted fur garments and donating them to wildlife rescue organisations to comfort the animals in their care.

Their philosophy is, ‘turn something tragic into something heartwarming.’

Although this is no compensation for the all fur creatures who were brutally killed and skinned to make these garments, when one looks at the photos of other creatures benefiting, the project makes sense.


Baby wombat finds comfort in a snuggle blanket.


Young flying Fox bat rests.


Bruce the kangaroo snuggles in.

This project is perfectly summed up by Animals Australia,

‘Comforting rescued wildlife is easily our second favourite way to see fur. The first is on its original owner – animals’.                                                                      

SNUGGLE BLANKET                                                                How many awws for this baby?

Read more @ http://bit.ly/1QsniYd



[fur] – really people?

Thank you, Marina, for such creative anti-fur designs. It is so important to raise awareness about the abhorrent fur trade. T-shirts carry the message with us!

Marina Kanavaki

First thing’s first:

Happy Full Moon!

As many of you already know, I am very sensitive with matters concerning animals. Be it killing them for fashion, animal testing, poaching, or endless [as it seems] acts of cruelty towards innocent beings …including eating them [a rather late revelation for me].
Following the “Animal Testing” artwork, this is the second of the series and it’s about FUR.

Killing animals for their fur is an issue that doesn’t need an introduction by me. Luckily today there is no reason to be cruel to get warm or look good. Cruelty-free fabrics and faux furs are available in many stores. So no excuse really for the suffering of so many animals for our vanity.

Instead of showing any kind [and there are many] of gruesome videos of the tortures these animals go through for us to ‘enjoy’ a fur coat, here are a few photos of…

View original post 127 more words

T-SHIRTS: Do they ‘shout out?’

I’m sure there are many animal rights activists, including myself, who have T-shirts promoting a range of causes.

I even have a T-shirt from the famous cruelty free Vaute Couture brand. 


VauteCouture T-shirts

It states:

Never fur

However, other than my Fur Free South Africa hoodie, I tend to only wear my animal causes T-shirts when attending a particular protest.

Is this helpful, I ask? Surely, to raise awareness, I should be wearing them more often? What do you think?

Fur Free SA has various shirts that are used for our protests against fur. I particularly like the Fur is Not A Fabric shirt ~ the sub text being that fur is a life wasted. 

FFSA protesters in the Firs Centre, Johannesburg ~ February 2015

So why are T-shirts on my mind? Well FFSA is planning an anti-fur protest in the near future.

Watch this space!





So many people justify cruelty towards nonhuman animals with the argument that animals are considered property in law. In other words, they are simply products to be used, abused and traded. This is certainly the view of those involved with fur production.

The New Zealand Government, this year (2015), has formally recognised animals as sentient beings through its Animal Welfare Amendment Bill.

Please dont wear usAccording to the chairperson of the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee, Dr Virginia Williams,

“To say that animals are sentient is to state explicitly that they can experience both positive and negative emotions, including pain, distress and other forms of suffering”. 

Although this is a step forward for animal rights, when will the rest of the world come to its senses?

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity for human greed!

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