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#FeelFreeFriday ~ 70

This post is dedicated to the Croatian animal rights organisation, Animal Friends.

Due to the efforts of Animal Friends, the Croatian Animal Protection Act, passed on January 1, 2007 recognised the brutal nature of the fur industry and banned fur farming.

This came with a 10-year phase-out period, which meant the ban would be fully effective from January 1, 2017.

This phase out period has given fur farmers ample time to transition to another, more ethical form of business.

However, currently chinchilla breeders are attempting to exempt chinchillas from this ban. Of note, the only remaining type of fur farming in Croatia is chinchilla farming, which essentially means the fur ban would be negated.

On February 19, 2016, Croatian citizens gathered on the central square of the capital city Zagreb to make a public statement. They sat in a cage with ‘Chinchi’ to raise awareness about the miserable life of animals farmed for fur.

A recent poll showed that 3 out of 4 Croatian citizens are in support of a fur ban.

I hope compassion prevails and the fur farming ban stays!


Chinchi, the chinchilla


Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity.




Unethical fashion designers still use animal fur in their collections. These designers, including Marc Jacobs, ignore evidence showing the suffering of animals skinned for their fur.

However, there are willing models who, too, don’t care about the barbaric fur trade.

Lady Gaga is a celebrity who regularly attracts attention because of her outrageous outfits, which often include animal fur.

During the New York Fashion Week, February, 2016, Lady Gaga modelled this outfit designed by Marc Jacobs. 

To be honest the green fur on this absurd outfit made me turn slightly green, and it certainly was not with envy!

lady G lady Gaga

AP Photos by Julie Jacobson

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 69

Animals on fur farms sustain many horrendous injuries, as they are confined to tiny metal cages that don’t meet any of their natural needs.

These fur-bearing animals are seen as “commodities” and as long as farmers can harvest fur from them, farmers don’t care about the pain and suffering of these creatures.

This video shows Hansel & Gretel, two disabled foxes who were rescued from a Polish fur farm by the organisation, Otwarte Klatki.

It is only because they are disabled that they could legally be removed and be spared a brutal death.   

You will see how happy they are to be free and feel sand for the first time in their lives.


Read the full story  @ http://www.furfreealliance.com/two-fox-cubs-five-paws/

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals kept in captivity and killed for human greed.

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 68

Please make February and every month a time for love ~ to extend compassion to all living creatures.

At Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary (NAAS) in Locust Grove, Georgia, an American black bear, an African lion and a Bengal tiger have lived in harmony for 15 years.Blog15

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity.


Around 15% of the world’s fur comes from trapping wild animals. Trappers claim that animals are not hurt in these devices.

Yet the facts prove otherwise:

Trapped animals die an agonising death, often gnawing off their own limbs to escape.

Traps are indiscriminate and will catch any type of animal.

Despite what the fur industry claims, there is NO such thing as humane fur.

This clever video below demonstrates the cruelty of traps.

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 67

Although Angora rabbits are not killed for their fur, these creatures suffer terribly in the process of harvesting Angora fur. 

The fur is plucked out until the skin of the rabbit is raw.

So I was pleased to learn this week that the Guess brand will no longer sell Angora fur products.

angora guess




              Thank you for not hurting me.

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die for human greed!

ONE FUR FARM: One too many

There are many fur farms in Europe.

However, according to the Fur Free Alliance,”General awareness about the extreme animal suffering has caused the majority of European citizens to favor a ban on fur farming and several countries to install bans in recent years”.

Of course this is good news, but as seen on the map below there are still thousands of animals tortured on farms to obtain their fur, and this is only Europe!

We have to continue to raise awareness about the despicable fur industry until every cage is empty!


From: Fur Free Alliance


Wild animals, such as minks, go insane when confined to wire-mesh cages


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