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Success! Armani Is Going Fur Free | Care2 Causes

The big news of the week!



By: Alicia Graef
March 23, 2016

Success!  Armani is Going Fur Free.

In a victory for animals and those who have been campaigning to get the fashion industry to ditch real fur, Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has announced that his company will no longer be using any in its products.

In partnership with the Humane Society International (HSI) and the Fur Free Alliance, a coalition of more than 40 international organizations, Armani said in a statement:

I am pleased to announce that the Armani Group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections. Technological progress made over the years allows us to have valid alternatives at our disposal that render the use of cruel practices unnecessary as regards animals. Pursuing the positive process undertaken long ago, my company is now taking a major step ahead, reflecting our attention to the critical issues…

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Please continue with this anti-seal hunt cause.

Photo credit: National Geographic

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 73

A super sweet story showing the bond a penguin has with the elderly man who rescued him ❤  


Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who are caged for human greed!


A CRY FOR HELP: Actions against brutal seal-hunts

Every action helps:cute seal1. For those on twitter, you will find a tweetsheet ‪#‎SaveOurSealshttps://sites.google.com/site/sealhuntmini5and6/mini-sheet-5

2. Petitions and letters against the Canadian seal hunt:

  • Petition to the Canadian High Commissioner in Australia @ http://bit.ly/1SSpa09
  • Petition to Prime Minister of Canada,Justin Trudeau to end The Canadian Seal Hunt @ http://chn.ge/1TYr8fb
  • Petition to Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and 2 others to stop Canada’s commercial slaughter of baby seals for fur @http://chn.ge/1nhkDXU
  • Peta2’s letter to the Canadian authorities. Please scroll down to the end to find the message @ http://bit.ly/1RMF21R
  • A request to the Canadian PM and Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to please end the seal hunt @ http://g.ifaw.org/1Lq1UFm
  • A pre-written letter to the Canadian government requesting a federal buyout @http://bit.ly/21bN8DL  (A federal buyout means that instead of wasting tax money on a hunt with no market, the Canadian government can actually save money by paying sealers a fair monetary amount to give up their license to kill.)

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 72

Seals have feelingsDedicated to all the seals who are brutally killed every year for their fur!


More than 80,000 baby seals will be slaughtered in Namibia to make Fur Coats in China that Are SOLD OVER THE INTERNET! evil


The Namibian government justifies its cruel seal hunt by claiming seals are killed to protect fish stocks.

However, studies have shown that the seal population on the Namibian coastline has NO significant economic impact on the fishing industry!

Evidence shows that the seals are killed in order to sell their fur for fashion items.

Seal fat is also sold as omega 3 oils in health supplements.

seal fish


The bond between mommy seals and their young is strong, as is with humans.

Many mother seals are killed while trying to save their babies from being brutally slaughtered by hunters.

Baby seals are murdered and skinned for their soft fur to make fashion items that nobody needs in the 21st century!

Seal mommy


The brutal Canadian seal hunt starts in March after female seals have given birth to their young.

Baby Harp seals are born with a soft, white coat.

Legally, baby Harp seals in Canada cannot be hunted until they begin to shed their white coats of fur. However, this happens very soon, so the pups are barely weaned before they are bludgeoned to death.

That is, they have no legal protection at all!

Harp seals                                               Image from The Seal Army ~ Harp seals

Please join Fur Free SA’s online event. See details @


#FeelFreeFriday ~ 71

This week has left me in its dust and the dust has not yet settled! 

As part of Fur Free South Africa I have been helping to organise an event for International Day of the Seal (March 15).

This is a day of global action to raise awareness about the brutal and senseless commercial slaughtering of seals. During these commercial seal hunts, tens of thousands of seal pups are killed for their soft skins, which are then sold to international fur markets.

Male seals are killed for their genitals, which are sold in Asia to customers who erroneously believe that these are an aphrodisiac.

The two well-known seal hunts happen in Canada and Namibia.

Fur Free SA is having and online event to protest against these hunts. If you are interested read more @ http://on.fb.me/1Q3fqgB

Feeling sick by looking at the horrific images of seals bludgeoned to death, I was pleased to find this feel-good story on  http://cuteoverload.com/

Argyro, is a Mediterranean monk seal.  It seems Argyo decided to take life easy on the beach at Samos Island in Greece. Out of the blue Argyro arrived and settled into a beach chair. According to cuteoverload, this chair “has now been sealed off just for her use” .


Dedicated to the millions of seals who are cruelly massacred every year for human greed!


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