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PETITION: Ban fur farms in Bosnia

Anti-fur activists in Bosnia need all the support they can get.

There are around 80 fur farms in Bosnia! Please sign and share this petition to ban fur farms in Bosnia.



Anti-fur farm protest in Bosnia May 28, 2016






#FeelFreeFriday ~ 80

Amazon Agrees to Remove Snares, Animal-hunting Traps From its Website.


Thank you Amazon, for doing the right thing! (Photo by Ivan Kislov ~ Russia)

About 15% of the world’s fur comes from the millions of animals who are trapped or hunted in the wild for their fur.

The USA, Canada and Russia are the top three wild fur pelt producers, where brutal leg hold traps are used.

These traps have been banned in many countries. However, Amazon online retail was selling traps and snares, which meant anyone across the world could buy and use them.  

Due to sustained campaigning,  Amazon has agreed on compassionate grounds to remove the sale of snares and traps from its website.  Petitions do work!

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Russian Miner Takes Stunning Photos of Foxes in the Wild | One Green Planet

The only way to shoot an animal is through the lens of a camera. Trapping wild animals is common in Russia, so it is wonderful to read about Ivan kislov and his hobby of photographing foxes in nature 🙂

Animalista Untamed

If you were to venture up to the north-eastern Chukotka region of Russia, you would find yourself in the middle of an arctic tundra. Firstly, it would be absolutely freezing. Secondly, you would be hard pressed to find any semblance of life apart from yourself. So, why would Ivan Kislov venture off into this frozen wasteland during his breaks working as a mining engineer?

Well … turns out there is more than snow in the Chukotka. This snow covered region is the native hunting grounds of wild foxes. Thanks to their thick coats, these foxes are able to withstand the cold and thrive in this otherwise unideal habitat. Foxes are majestic, wonderful animals in their own right, but seeing their bright fur juxtaposed against a snow-white backdrop is absolutely fantastic. Noting their beauty, Kislov has taken to photographing the foxes in Chukotka.

Kislov works long…

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Is There A Skeleton In Your Closet?

Let’s get all FUR OUT THE CLOSET! Unwanted, often inherited furs, can be donated to Fur Free SA and BWC SA. The furs will be reassembled into blankets for rescued animals. There are similar projects in USA and Australia 🙂

Animals love their young, as do humans


Beyoncé Brings Out The Furry

Sadly celebrities have a huge influence over the youth. Beyoncé’s love of genuine fur is immoral, which makes her a bad role model.

FUR AUCTIONS: Chilling places

Whether originating from farms or the wild, public auctions are the principal method of selling raw (unprocessed) pelts to buyers from all over the world.

Pelts of similar type, size and quality are sorted into selected bundles, or “lots” that buyers can inspect before selling begins. This means that it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell from which farm pelts originated.

The price for each fur type is determined by market supply and demand. On conclusion of the auction, farmers and trappers receive the full value that was paid for their furs, minus a small fee charged by the auction house.

The major auction houses are:


  • KOPENHAGEN FUR (Denmark)

  • SAGA FURS OYJ (Finland)




    Because fur only belongs on the animal born with it, raw pelts are kept in cold storage and treated with toxic chemicals to stop them from biodegrading.

    I find this chilling!


    Muskrat, raccoon, beavers, badger, fox and many other types of furs in cold storage at Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.




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