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S.O.S: Save our seals

Please click on the link and sign.


The Namibian seal hunt is about to start and the Cape Fur seals need all the help we can offer.MD9


What the…..?!? Mink oil dog shampoo.

Although this post was written a while back, the information is still accurate. Please check the ingredients and if shampoos sold for cats and dogs contain mink oil, don’t buy. Mink suffer terribly on farms 😥

6/22/12 Update: One one of my grooming forums, someone posted this information about mink oil alternatives. From Wikipedia:

“Mink oil is made from mink fat and originates from China. The fat that is made into this oil is stored just beneath the skin. Removed from pelts destined for the fur industry, the fat is rendered into mink oil.

Mink oil is a source of palmitoleic acid, which possesses physical properties similar to human sebum. Because of this, mink oil is used in several medical and cosmetic products. Mink oil is also used for treating/conditioning and preserving nearly all kinds of leather.

Botanical alternatives to mink oil as a source of palmitoleic acid include macadamia nut oil (Macadamia integrifolia) and sea buckthorn oil (Hippophae rhamnoides), both of which contain a larger percentage of palmitoleic acid (22 and 40% respectively) than does mink oil (17%).

‘Mink oil and its fatty acids are…

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FUR TRINKETS:No trivial matter

Every day, more than 5 500.00 cats, dogs and many other fur-bearing animals are cruelly killed for their fur.

The fur trinket market is growing. Please don’t be lured by these cute real fur toys made from the suffering of thousands of animals.

BEIJING H&L FURS CO. LTD is e-mailing its catalogue to unsuspecting customers claiming that it  specialises in “mink, fox, raccoon, rex, rabbit, coats, vests, scarves, gloves and accessories”.

This photo is taken from the catalogue.

fur trinkets1

BEIJING H&L FURS CO. LTD: Real fur trinkets

Mislabelling of these trivial items is rife and  they are often labelled as synthetic, which misleads unsuspecting customers.

If in doubt rather don’t buy.

BARBIE: A friend to animals

As an anti-fur activist I find the idea of buying real fur clothing for dolls offensive. Children can’t make informed choices and dressing dolls in genuine fur gives the wrong message about fur.

There is nothing glamorous about wearing the fur of another creature!

A while back INFUR magazine promoted real fur dolls’ clothes, as seen in these photos. It seems that unethical designers sell these items separately from the dolls.


Fortunately, Mattel Inc. clarifies that its Barbie is “a friend to animals” and only wears fake fur.

I still think that this promotes the look of animal fur clothing.

What do you think?


#FeelFreeFriday ~81

A Fox hopped onto the bus to the Imperial War Museum – London:fox on bus

A few weeks ago a fox casually hopped onto the Number 12 London bus and made his way up to the top deck.
I would so have enjoyed being there to see this wonderful creature.
The fox was gently coaxed off the bus at the Imperial War.

I was then amused to read @AndyWoodcock’s tweet stating,

That stuff about urban foxes adapting to city life is clearly nonsense. This one didn’t even have his Oyster card“.

I hope that this fox enjoyed the rest of his outing.

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity!

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