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It is bad enough that animals have to suffer for the fur market, but to show disrespect in this way makes me mad!

This is a Marc Jacobs designer 100% FOX FUR trapper hat. Marc Jacobs believes that this outrageous look will appeal to consumers.


Photo by Marc Jacobs

Sadly, this does not change the fact that foxes die horrific deaths to be skinned and turned into absurd garments like this.

PETITION AGAINST the Namibian seal hunt

Despite huge public opposition, the brutal Namibian seal hunt continues.

Please help put pressure on the relevant authorities.

Click on the link to sign:

http://bit.ly/29XDHteSeal TY3

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 85

Genuine fur cat toys, as seen is this photo, are sold as synthetic through many retail outlets.

In this way many people inadvertently support the brutal trade in animal fur.

It is, therefore, always good when this deception is exposed.

Cat “joy sticks” were being sold by Crazy Plastics SA, as this retailer believed that the toys were synthetic. Fur Free South Africa had a toy tested, which confirmed that it was of animal origin.

In response to this, Crazy Plastics SA did the ethical thing and has removed this item from its stock.

This retailer states:

“We do not support any form of animal abuse and we will not support any company that exploits animals in any shape or form … and will in future keep an eye out for similar products”. 
crazy1Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity for human greed!

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 84

Another success story for the anti-fur cause!

hart hart1

The store owners on the Hartenstraat (which translates as ‘Heartstreet’) in Amsterdam have banned all fur items from their shops as from June 21st 2016.

Hartenstraat is the first fur-free shopping street in Europe.

Thank you to Dutch animal protection organisation Bont voor Dieren, for making this possible.

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