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#FeelFreeFriday ~ 87

No wild animal should be kept as a pet.

However, in the case of Vixey the fox, this was her only chance in life. Vixey was rescued from a Czech fur farm.

Her fate on the fur farm, as with thousands of foxes, would have meant suffering in a tiny metal cage where none of her natural needs would have been met. She then would have been anally electrocuted, skinned and her body dumped. Her beautiful fur would have ended around the neck of a vain person or as a piece of decorative trim on a jacket.

vixey 4

Little Vixey ~ safe and sound

As you can see, she is dearly loved and now lives a life of comfort.


Vixey ~ my fur belongs to me

vixey 2

Read about Vixey (needs to be translated into english) @ http://bit.ly/2aObdPK

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who suffer and die for human greed.

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 86

Jumping with joy:

It makes me hopping mad that Kangaroos are killed for their skins.

A case in point is Nike, which has come under fire by animal activists for using Kangaroo skin for its football boots. These kangaroos are hunted and according to Australia’s code of practice  if a slaughtered female has a baby (joey) in her pouch, this baby “must also be killed immediately, by decapitation or a heavy blow to the skull to destroy the brain, or shooting” read more @ http://bit.ly/2bbj3Fr

So I was extremely happy to read about one compassionate man, Chris ‘Brolga’ Barns.

Brolga has opened a Kangaroo Sanctuary in central Australia’s Alice Springs. Currently he looks after 30 orphaned kangaroos.

Their mothers’ might have been run over or hunted leaving their babies to die, if it was not for Brolga.


TLC given by Brolga ❤


According to Brolga, “Baby kangaroos feel safe, comfortable and secure hanging in their pouches.”


Feeding time at Brolga’s sanctury


Waiting for the vet

Read the full story by Laura S. 

@ http://bit.ly/2bcjCfd


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