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#FeelFreeFriday ~ 92

Fox hunting in the UK, which is still enjoyed by some, is justified as being part of “tradition”.

No thought is given to the terror and pain that the hunted fox goes through.

It took a first hand experience with a fox, for Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who was pro-hunting,to change his mind.

He now fights for the  banning of this barbaric blood sport.

It is always encouraging to see that attitudes can change.


Foxes are naturally curious creatures ~ Photo by Ivan Kislov

Read the full story @


Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who suffer for human greed!



SQUIRREL FUR: Don’t brush aside

squirrel1If you wouldn’t wear animal fur then you definitely don’t want it in your brushes ~ makeup, shaving and art brushes.

Every year, millions of animals are trapped, drowned and beaten to death in the wild for their fur. They die an agonising death before being skinned for their fur.

Squirrels are hunted or trapped for makeup brushes. Many makeup brushes are manufactured in developing countries where there are inadequate animal protection laws. These brushes are then sold on international markets.

This fur is known as “forgotten fur”, as many consumers don’t realise that genuine fur is used in non-clothing items.

Please always be sure that your products are cruelty free.

Here is the link to PeTA’s list of cruelty free brands for makeup brushes.



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