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Seals and more

It is wonderful news that Norway will no longer massacre beautiful seals for their fur. Here are some great photos of seals in that area ~ enjoy!

The World according to Dina

A couple of days ago we flew via the Orkneys on our way to Norway. And do you know what we saw there?
Our friends the seals with their cute pups. We actually looked at the seals on our beach in Cley lately but these seals were selkies, as mentioned by Amy Sackville in her recommendable novel “Orkneys“. Selkies are actually relatives of the fairies like us, living in the North.

Vor einigen Tagen flatterten wir über die Orkneys nach Norway. Und Ihr glaubt es kaum, was wir dort sahen. Wir trafen dort unsere Verwandten die Seehunde mit ihren Jungen. Klar hatten wir sie schon an unserem Strand besucht, aber dies hier waren Selkies, diese Wesen, die Amy Sackville in ihrem brillanten Roman “Orkneys” erwähnt.


Do you know what selkies are?
As you see on these pictures they are seals, but very special ones. They sometimes get…

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FUR TEDDY BEARS: not comforting

A French company, Histoire de Bêtes, is manufacturing  teddy bears containing rabbit, mink and coypu fur.

To add insult to injury, these teddy bears have an added piece of crocodile skin for their noses.

Unfortunately this company prides itself on producing its toys “with love”, adding that each toy comes with an “extra soul and softness”.

Honestly, I find this chilling and it certainly does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling!


Photo by Histoire de Bêtes

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