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While all advertisements portraying animal fur garments as luxurious are abhorrent to me, I find the use of children to market fur clothing particularly objectionable.

Children can be viewed as a vulnerable group of the population, who lack the maturity to make proper informed decisions. Often it is the need of the parent(s) to allow their child to appear in an advertisement and in so doing they receive payment for this. These parents would see no problem in exposing their child to the pressures of the advertising world, possible even justifying it as good for the child’s confidence.

Perhaps where the product is for kids, for example a particular toy or foodstuff, it is appropriate to use children for marketing this. However, using children to advertise fur products is  unacceptable at so many levels.

In many of these advertisements young children are made to look seductive, portraying fur as something alluring. This is a form of child exploitation. Furthermore, unless otherwise socialized, most children would naturally be horrified to see the suffering inflicted onto animals, and the brutal methods of killing these creatures in the fur industry. If they were able to choose, would these children want to be associated with one of the cruellest and most senseless industries in the world?

Please don’t be lured into the idea that there is anything glamorous about fur fashion. The fur trade is brutal and totally unnecessary in the 21st century.

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