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PETITION: take note Takealot.com

Petition link:



Takealot.com claims to be “South Africa’s leading online store”.

Yet, despite huge public outrage this retailer sells items containing genuine fur. Their argument is that Takealot will not sell items derived from endangered animals.


Well, in my opinion this is putting greed over compassion. Even though thousands of minks, foxes and so on, are not endangered, they suffer immensely on fur farms. 

Shame on Takealot for supporting this cruelty!





For those who are participating in this online tweet action.

Here is the link to the tweet sheet


Please share this tweet sheet link widely and tweet at your convenience for the next 24 hrs. 


Please share this link to let people know about this worldwide action @ http://bit.ly/2rVslxV

Background to this tweet storm Be Kind Trudeau:

Canada is considered a developed country, yet its animal protection laws lag way behind other developed countries, even with the new government. Legislation is still in favour of industries that abuse animals. The proposed Bill C-246 (Modernizing Animal Protections Act) aimed to improve animal protection. However, Trudeau and his cabinet voted against it, which meant that the bill had no chance of getting through Parliament. This means animals can be treated in the most barbaric ways. All evidence shows that Trudeau is not intervening in relation to industries that harm animals, including the following: 

  • Canada still imports several hundred thousand pounds of shark fins every year.

  • Millions of farm and fur-bearing animals in Canada suffer every year because of intensive factory farming methods.

  • Long distance transportation of animals is horrific, where animals spend days crushed into trucks. Up to two million animals can die during these trips.

  • Although dog and cat fur items still slip through, there are bans on this fur in the U.S.A., Australia and throughout the European Union. With no regulation on the import of foreign fur, cat and dog fur is being sold in Canada.

  • With weak labeling laws there is no indication of the source or type of fur.

  • Canada produces many other types of fur supplied by fur farms. Mink is the most popular farmed fur, followed by fox and chinchilla.

  • Canada is one of the biggest exporters of wild fur. Fur trapping is pervasive throughout Canada and trapping fees and royalties are paid by fur trappers into government revenues.

  • Coyotes are commonly trapped in the wild for clothing such as Canada Goose jackets.

  • Black Bears are trapped to supply fur for the Queen’s Guards’ hats (UK). Canada is the only nation in the world that allows Polar Bear hunting by non-citizens.

  • The Canadian government encourages the hunt and are paying hunters for Polar Bear hides to sell at auctions for up to $11,000. This has led to an increase in the export and sales of Polar Bear skins.

  • The Canadian Government still funds the brutal commercial seal hunt industry, and has even increased quotas, despite the decline in the market for seal products. Not only does the Canadian government allow this but now has a national day celebrating the sale of seal products!

  • In Canada animals are used for human “pleasure”. For example, certain forms of bestiality are legally permitted and rodeo shows allowed.


Please join animal activists worldwide and tweet this Friday 9th – Saturday 10th. Details are on the event page @ http://bit.ly/2rVslxV

Please share this link to let people know.

Canada lags way behind developed countries when it comes to animal rights!


Anti-fur tweet sheet:




Countdown to WFFF

Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF) is a day when people across the globe unite against the fur trade.

Please join Fur Free SA with a tweet storm on Friday 25th November 2016.
This link will access the event for more details.


A tweet sheet will be posted on Thursday. Watch this space.

Every tweet counts!

Worldwide Fur Free Friday 2016

Every year Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF) is held on Black Friday (USA). Sadly (WFFF) is being held again this year.

It is a day of INTERNATIONAL ACTION, as protests against the sale of fur are held across the world.wfff

How I long for a cruelty free world ~ what a wonderful world that would be!


Anti fur petition @


Ever wondered about the fur costumes in movies?

Well, according to the Costume Designers Guild, “Given a choice, many costume designers prefer to use real fur!”

This is certainly the case with the popular TV series the Game of  Thrones. Please sign this petition requesting the producers to go cruelty free.game


#FeelFreeFriday ~ 90

Fantastic news!

For some time, anti-fur campaigners have requested the French brand label, The Kooples, to stop selling genuine fur.

The Kooples has now made the ethical choice and gone fur free. 

The Kooples’ managing director, Nicolas Dreyfus, stated, “We are extremely concerned by animal suffering and … we’ve made the decision to stop the use of all fur in any future collections”.


A previous anti-fur protest outside The Kooples ~ A memorial to all nonhuman victims of the fur trade

kooples_memorial_2A memorial to all nonhuman victims of the fur trade

kooples_memorial_1A memorial to all nonhuman animals skinned for their fur

Read the full story @ http://bit.ly/2cI7OBJ

Dedicated to all non-human animals who suffer and die in captivity for human greed!

#FeelFreeFriday ~ 84

Another success story for the anti-fur cause!

hart hart1

The store owners on the Hartenstraat (which translates as ‘Heartstreet’) in Amsterdam have banned all fur items from their shops as from June 21st 2016.

Hartenstraat is the first fur-free shopping street in Europe.

Thank you to Dutch animal protection organisation Bont voor Dieren, for making this possible.

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