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#FeelFreeFriday ~ 88

Whenever an animal gets rescued from a fur farm it feels bitter-sweet to me.

It is a reminder of the millions of animals who live and die under horrific conditions just to be skinned for their fur.

Ferdinand, is one lucky fox who was spared this fate. On 17th August, because of his poor physical condition, he was removed from a fur farm in Chodzież, Poland.


Ferdinand caged on a fur farm (Photo by Otwarte Klatki)

According to Paweł Rawicki from the organisation Otwarte Klatki, Ferdinand “will not be killed and skinned this autumn, like the rest of the foxes and raccoon dogs on fur farms”.

Instead he will “become another ambassador of our anti-fur campaign, Fur Price”.

Ferdinand now lives in a zoo, “safe and sound, he can walk freely on a soft ground, stretch his body, eat good food and enjoy his fox life for the next couple of years”.


Ferdinand safe in a zoo (Photo by Otwarte Klatki)

See photos of the full story @ http://bit.ly/2bZHUgZ

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who life and die in captivity for human greed!


‬There are inadequate animal protection laws in China,which is the world’s largest fur exporter in the world.

Animals are abused and killed in horrific ways for their fur.

Read more  @   http://bit.ly/1gbTPD0

                        @  http://bit.ly/1IyCH5Q

It was, therefore, encouraging to read about this creative yet powerful anti-fur exhibition in China.

To make a strong “point” about the pain animals go through for the despicable fur trade, these fur-creature-statues were constructed out of pins!

They were displayed alongside footage about the fur industry.

pin 4 Pin pin1 pin2 pin3


Erich Fischer Furriers has referred to me and my associates as ‘urban terrorists’. Any one who knows me finds this ludicrous. Although I am a scary sight in the morning, I have neither the demeanour nor the inclination to terrorise any being.

In the morning
‘Just got out of bed’ selfie with dream catcher in background ~ scary

This excellent article in the Intercept explains why there is a trend to label animal activists as terrorists.

Dylann Roof Is Not a “Terrorist” — But Animal Rights Activists Who Free Minks From Slaughter Are @   http://bit.ly/1IqUcqx

Reasons given,… because few things are more menacing to status quo interests than truth revealed in its most visceral form … 

As is true for so many types of violence, the savagery, torture and sadism that makes these industries so profitable will be collectively tolerated only if we are not forced to confront their reality … 

This movement is driven by hard-core believers impressively willing to sacrifice their own liberty in defense of their political values — namely, trying to stop the mass torture and gratuitous slaughter of animals — and that frightens both industry and its government servants; that animal rights as a cause is gaining traction worldwide makes the threat even more alarming …

So much industrial profit depends upon extreme, constant torture and slaughter of animals is something regarded as, in essence, a sacred right … there’s a strong human incentive to avoid thinking about what is done to animals”.

In order to undermine animal rights activists they are labeled and sometimes imprisoned for acts of “terrorism”. Ben Rosenfeld, a lawyer who has extensively represented animal and environmental activists, believes that “calling this terrorism is utterly irresponsible and offensive to victims of real terror.

This terminology is clearly a strategy of intimidation to criminalise and subdue dedicated animal activists and prevent exposure of the truth.

For example: In the United States,factory farms that produce furs are among the cruelest and most sadistic anywhere, imposing extreme amounts of suffering and torture on the animals they slaughter — both in terms of how they confine them and then kill them“.

Those complicit in the fur trade do not want consumers to see graphic photos such as this one of mink carcasses after they have been skinned. This could just stop people from buying fur items.

Photo taken by PeTA in an undercover investigation of fur farms in USA

Lauren Gazolla, who was imprisoned for 40 months in 2004 for her nonviolent animal rights activism explains that the animal rights movement “strikes at something fundamental. It challenges a way of life: So much of how much we live our lives is based on massive violence against animals, and the more brutal these industries are, the more profit they make.

Makes sense to me!


As the representative of Fur Free South Africa I am pleased to report that I am attending a meeting today, Friday 19th with representatives of the well-known animal rights organisations, Beauty Without Cruelty and FOUR PAWS (VIER PFOTEN – Stiftung für Tierschutz).

FOUR PAWSBeauty without crueltyFur Free SA

The aim of the meeting is for our organisations to jointly implement the international Fur Free Retailer program in South African shops.

Read more about this initiative @


This program helps to provide consumers with accurate information about a retailer’s fur policy.

Born Free USA started this fur-free project, which is supported and endorsed by the Fur Free Alliance (FFA), an international coalition of more than 35 leading animal protection and environmental organisations worldwide.

Although Four Paws is the South African representative of this project our three organisations would like this to be a collaborative project, where we each have a part to play.

Collective action works!

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who are exploited for human greed!


Having spent two full days in court this week there is still no conclusion to my trial.

I am back in court on July 24th 2015.

A charge of malicious damage to property was laid against me in August 2014 by a South African furrier who is trying to silence anti-fur campaigners.


Fur Free SA at Hillborw Magistrates court Monday June 8th 2015

This tactic will never,never work, as we will remain the voice for the voiceless!


More than 2.500.000 minks are killed in Greece every year. New fur farms are under construction.

Please help us stop the rapidly expanding fur farming in Greece.

The petition @


Mink for campaign

“In recent years in Greece, there is an increase in fur farms in the region of West Macedonia. West Macedonia is divided into the regional units of Florina, Grevena, Kastoria, and Kozani. In 2011 there were 43 fur farms in Greece. According to the figures from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food  (March 2014), fur farms have increased to 105!

Kastoria – 45 fur farms

Kozani – 50 fur farms

Grevena – 8 fur farms

Florina – 2 fur farms

Mink, the main specieS of animals reared in fur factory farms in Greece, is still essentially wild animal. They are unsuitable to be kept for production purposes. These animals spend short and miserable lives in small wire cages, only to be gassed to death when their pelts are at their prime.

The conditions under which fur farmed animals are kept do not satisfy their behavioural needs. Their caged environment is monotonous and physical exercise is restricted. The animals are also unable to express their species-specific behaviours. Foxes, for example, are denied the opportunity to dig, while mink have no access to swimming water and cannot avoid social contact.

As a consequence, animals on fur farms have routinely been found to exhibit stereotyped behaviour (such as pacing along the cage wall, repetitive circling/nodding of the head, etc.), as well as self-mutilation (i.e. sucking or biting of the animal’s tail fur, or other parts of the pelts). Infanticide and cannibalism has also been reported.

Fur farming is already banned outright in Austria and the United Kingdom. It was also banned in Croatia from 2007 with a 10 year phase-out period for existing farms. In December 2012, the Netherlands, which is the EU’s second largest mink producer, passed a ban on fur farming and will phase-out mink production entirely by 2024. Slovenia also banned fur farming in March 2013 with a three year phase-out for existing producers. Proposed legislation to prohibit fur farming is also currently being considered in Belgium, Estonia and Israel. Italian region Emilia Romagna also moves towards ban on fur farming.

The fur industry is keen to promote itself as a ‘green’ and sustainable industry. Fur is often presented as a ‘natural’ product, but in reality it requires a lot of processing, transporting and inputs before it can be made ready to wear.

We call on to the Greek Government to stop any investment on new fur farms and to ban fur farming in Greece”.


Feel Free Friday posts are meant to be uplifting, so I will spare you the details of the despicable bear bile farming that is rife throughout Asia.

The Asian Black Bears, also named Moon Bears because of the crescent mark on the chest, are primarily exploited in this industry.  

Asian Black bear - moon bear

Moon Bear

This post is dedicated to all the people who tirelessly campaign to rescue some of these thousands of bears from their lives of torture.                                                      

Are they here yet

Photo credit: Animals Asia

Animals Asia has rescued more than 100 bears who now live in peace on a sanctuary in Vietnam.

Read more about this campaign @


Have tissues on hand, as it is a deeply moving story.                  

Ti Map,

Ti Map – a bear rescued from bile farming – who felt grass for the first time in 14 years.                                                                                                                     Photo credit: Animals Asia

Recently Animals Asia won the fight to release the Halong Bay Bears. To date only two bears, Sam and Simon, have arrived at the sanctuary.

Read about the rescue here: http://bit.ly/1dI3ti1

Although this is a handful of the thousands of bears used for bile farming, it has raised awareness worldwide.

Feel free to support this campaign in any way that you can.

Dedicated to all nonhuman animals who live and die in captivity!


An anti-fur demonstration was held in Johannesburg by Ban Animal Trading and Fur Free SA on Sunday April 12th.                                               blog fur1

The aim was to raise awareness around the brutal and senseless fur industry.

At 10:30 protesters gathered outside the Firs retail centre in Johannesburg.                                                                                                         blogfur15blogfur3                                                               blogfur7

Erich Fischer Furriers is a fur shop in the Firs.

fur 038 

Gaby did the face painting. The red paint represented blood.             




Thanks to Gaby I ended up with a red nose instead of red tear drops 🙂                                                                                                                          blog furFPApr4

Our posters conveyed powerful anti-fur messages.                                                                                                                                          blogfur2

More than 30 protesters marched.                                                            Blog 111

The police escorted us and stopped the traffic for our march.                                                                                                        blogfur12blogfur11                                                                                                                          FPApr123

The police were totally supportive and relaxed.



We then stood on a main road where some of us handed out anti-fur leaflets.                                                                                                                                       blogfur9blogfur8

blog 222

After an hour we marched back to the Firs.                                                                                                                           FPApr12 6                                                                                                                                                                            Photographs were taken by Chris Orr, a member of Fur Free SA.

 blogfur13blog fur1111111111111

Well done animal warriors!


‘So adorable’, most would say and indeed they are – in the wild!

cannedhunting 4

canned hunting 7

Photos from Animals HAVE Brain (Facebook site)

 However, there is a huge canned hunting industry in South Africa.

Canned hunting is the despicable activity where wild animals, in this case lions, are poached or bred in captivity solely be shot in a confined space.

These lions, often white lions, can be part of a tourist “petting” attraction and through this become habituated to humans.60 minutes, Expose on Canned Hunting, Global March For Lions, Lions, African Lions, Endangered Species, South Africas Lions, Canned Hunting, Cub Petting, Walking with Lions, Ban Canned Hunting, Ban cub petting, Ban Trophy Hunting, Lion Bone Trade, Campaign Against Canned Hunting Save Lions, Voice 4 the Pride, African Lion headed for extinction, Lion Aid, Bred for the bullet, Petted by Tourists, Killed by Tourists, The con in conservation, Lions are not Trophies, Killing is not conservation

When these lions no longer have “use value” they are taken into a pen and shot by some rich tourist.

It is alleged that the Lion Park near Johannesburg (a huge tourist attraction) sells its lions for canned hunting. This is where our protest will be on Saturday.                                                                                                                                                                                            Global March For Lions, Lions, African Lions, Endangered Species, South Africas Lions, Canned Hunting, Cub Petting, Walking with Lions, Ban Canned Hunting, Ban cub petting, Ban Trophy Hunting, Lion Bone Trade, Campaign Against Canned Hunting Save Lions, Voice 4 the Pride, African Lion headed for extinction, Lion Aid,                                                                                                                                           canned hunting3

canned hunting 6

Photo from Animals HAVE Brain (Facebook site)

Please don’t participate in any animal petting and please spread the word about canned hunting  – South Africa’s shame.


The Fischer/Wilhelm court case has been postponed to April 16th, 2015.

This is eight months after the alleged crime of (com)passion was committed.

Wrong planet

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