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According to peta2 STREET TEAM Peta 2,



                     IMAGE FROM peta2 ~ NOTE THE MIDDLE FINGER

“Wearing fur, vintage or not, is saying you’re totally OK with paying someone to kill this li’l animal, peel off his or her skin, and chemically treat it so it doesn’t rot while wrapped around your neck”.


“Animals killed for fur are sometimes skinned while still alive. An undercover investigation found that animals were skinned while their hearts were still beating”.

Read more: http://www.peta2.com/achievements/ootd-fur-cruel-photo/#ixzz3RF9E1CUI


appalledAppalled ~ Greatly dismayed or horrified (www.oxforddictionaries.com/)

This doesn’t begin to describe how I felt when I discovered real-fur toys in my cats’ toy box.

It is hard for me to write about this but just so that you know, it is so easy to be fooled.

My year-end break was spent tidying up all those cupboards that were neglected during the year. Sorting the toy box was long overdue!

No, unlike some bloggers I know, I do not make my own toys for my cat dependents.

It was only in 2012, when I realised that real fur items were still being sold in the 21st century, that I started to educate myself about the appalling fur trade.

The more I learnt, the more appalled I became. It never crossed my mind that anyone would make toys out of animal fur.

These toys shown below were bought before my awakening.

Out of interest I took them apart only to discover they were made from real fur!

The synthetic toys were totally different.

Please, if it is “fluffy” rather don’t buy it ~ you just never know!

fur pet toys




Real vs Faux


This time the culprit is BURBERRY, a well-known brand in the world of fashion.

BURBERRY is an international company.

However, behind Burberry’s traditional image trademark of “check design clothing” is an increasing number of items made from real animal fur.

We must keep up the pressure on these shops. Here are two petitions that can be signed.



Kimi zal sterven voor Burberry! #savekimi

Here is the link to CAFT’s UK campaign against Burberry.



PeTA PLEDGES: End the cruel fur trade in South Africa

As part of my campaign towards ending the fur trade in South Africa I have started an online pledge for those who will never buy any item containing real fur. This in turn will be used to request that retailers officially pledge to never sell items containing real fur in SA. This has been done in other places.

  • West Hollywood has banned the sale of real fur
  • There is a ban on fur in the Irish counties of Dublin and Fingal
  • Department stores in Australia have banned the sale of fur on their properties
  • Israel is in the process of implementing a TOTAL ban on the fur trade                                                                    

We want South Africa to follow this international trend. If you are interested, clicking on the photo below will take you to the pledge. Non South Africans are pledging in solidarity.                                             

PeTA has added its support to this campaign, as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                       PeTA 

“Whether it came from an animal on a fur farm or one who was trapped in the wild, every fur coat, fur trinket, and bit of fur trim caused an animal tremendous suffering and a violent death. PETA’s more than 3 million members and supporters shun fur, as do most stylish celebrities, including Charlize Theron, Penélope Cruz, Eva Mendes, and Kate Winslet. PETA supports the campaign to end the fur trade in South Africa. Please pledge your support today”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jg

Thank you PeTA, for your support.

CRUELTY IS A CHOICE: Just don’t do it



PAMELA ANDERSON: Keeping abreast with BB

“The mistreatment of animals is something that just really gets me. I feel it’s really the most important part of what I do. Don’t Eat Meat! Don’t Wear Fur! I mean, there are so many other options these days” ~ PAMELA ANDERSON~ (Hot Spots Magazine, May 19, 2011).

Note the cool seal tee shirt Pamela anderson

It is a sad reality that celebrities seem to be taken more seriously than us mere people in the street. They also have a huge influence over the public so I am always pleased when they take an anti-fur stand:)                                                                                                                                  

Pamela, now 45 years old, was born in Canada and became vegetarian as a teenager, in reaction to her father hunting. Unlike BB (see post: https://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/brigitte-bardot-a-woman-of-many-faces/), Pamela has had cosmetic surgery and Pamela is not shy to joke about it. In an interview with Esquire, January 2005 she said, My breasts have a career. I’m just tagging along” and  Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror”.                               

One of her previous husbands was Tommy Lee, who took part in PeTA’s Ink not mink campaign.                                                                                                                                                                              


Thank you to all the celebrities who stand up against the barbaric fur trade.                                                                                  

Read more Pamela Anderson quotes at: http://www.notable-quotes.com/a/anderson_pamela.html#gdsKOudFqyAsjJR9.99  

MY FIRST ANTI-FUR PROTEST: A learning experience

gaga protest

I am not exactly sure where protests fit onto the spectrum of activism (See post: https://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/how-far-is-too-far/).

That aside, I was happy to hear about a protest, at Nelson Mandela Square – Johannesburg, against Lady Gaga’s wearing of fur. She was in South Africa then, performing  on her Born This Way world tour.  As we all know, Lady Gaga is a fur hag of note.

(See posthttps://emynow.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/celebs-and-fur-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/). 

According to Activists for Animals Africa spokesperson Miranda Jordan, Lady Gaga “is one of the most powerful role models in existence and her arrogance could be seen as fashionable by her adoring fans. What about the animals, many of which are still alive after being skinned for the fur she wears?”

Good, I thought, my chance for active animal activism had arrived. That was in November 2012 and I have come a long way since then 🙂

Protests were not new to me, as being a student in South Africa during the mid 1980s I went to many anti-apartheid demonstrations. These always became confrontational when the police arrived!

But animal rights’ protests are something different. Not realising there is an etiquette around these protests I arrived in a pink summery frock. Although nobody said anything, I felt like a fish on a bicycle, that is, worse than a fish out of water. The other protesters  were dressed in black! With some imagination, perhaps I could have symbolised blood. Feeling self-conscious I kept well hidden behind a poster. Yes, that is my arm sticking out right at the back.

Only a handful of protesters turned up and then we marched through the shopping centre holding banners (see above). A crowd of curious onlookers gathered to watch us. I could have sworn that some were even laughing. Perhaps it was at the giant effigy of Lady Gaga dressed in a tiger print outfit and fox fur or that some of the protesters were wearing “fur” coats in the sweltering African heat.  

Well, the very next day I got myself a black funereal outfit, which I now regularly wear  to protests, accompanied by my somber expression. After all we are protesting about serious animal rights issues.

Other non-spoken rules that I have learnt about AR protests are: 

  • Don’t be overly friendly with the public 
  • Don’t react to insults
  • Don’t intimidate people
  • Don’t discuss any campaign other than the one you are protesting about
  • Don’t take your own photographs
  • Never be seen laughing 

Being someone of a friendly disposition until I am insulted and then turn into an ogre, this has been an adjustment for me.

However, I do believe protests, particularly accompanied by pamphlets, help to raise awareness around issues. What do you think?gaga fur free            Read below about a recent example of how protest action can work:

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